Husqvarna has already turned heads for creating some of the most innovative robotic lawnmowers in the world. These mowers aren’t just ‘Robovacs for the lawn’, they are self-contained, tireless, emissions-free mowers that continuously maintain your lawn morning, noon and night.

But now, their mowers can do even more with the map they automatically draw of your lawn. Called “Rewilding,” a robotic lawn mower sets aside 10% of your lawn and doesn’t mow it.

Now I know what you’re saying – if you’ve spent a few thousand dollars on a robot to maintain your lawn, it should keep… all the lawn. right? Good. not exactly.

Husqvarna asserts that if each European household allocated just 10% of its garden and allowed it to be planted with local plant species, it would constitute an area larger than the largest European nature reserve. Very impressive. But instead of putting all that land mass in one place, by having multiple, small rewilding areas everywhere, you’re improving the biodiversity in your own backyard, both literally and figuratively.

The Husquarvana app creates a virtual rewilding area on its own, but you can shape it as you see fit (and it also works with your landscaping and HOA needs). Then you can sprinkle in some native flowers and give bees, butterflies and other pollinators something to do best.

Are you ready to stop mowing and keep your lawn healthy? And Make your yard more environmentally friendly? Yes, I thought so. These are the robots that make magic happen.

How to create a rewilding area

First, you need a compatible automotive engine. In the US, the 415 and 435X AWD models feature an automatic recirculation mode…the problem is that these models also require you to place boundary wire around your property to create a virtual fence. If you’re ready to create your own, you can get the 450X EPOS and use Husqvarna’s latest technology: line-of-sight GPS (Husquarvana calls it EPOS for Precision Positioning Operating System).

EPOS is an impressive technology in its own right, replacing the tedious and fallible ground wire boundary system used by most robotic mowers. It works well enough, but it can take a weekend to install the proper borders and you have to maintain them constantly to make sure there are no accidental breaks in the line.

The Husqvarna 450XH EPOS is a chunky, two-wheel automatic mower that can handle up to 2.5 acres of grass on a single charge (more than enough for my stamp collection), handle slopes up to 45 degrees, and GPS navigation ) The package that you install near an outdoor charging station.

Setting up the limits of the 450XH EPOS that Husqvarna sent me to test was simple. Once you set up the satellite link (you’ll need a nice open space on your property with a good view of the sky) you can connect to the mower and drive it using the Automower app. It’s like driving a big RC car with your phone. Then, simply walk the robot around your property, creating your own rewilding area as you go. Choose places like under trees with exposed roots or near rough terrain that you’ll likely have to rescue the mower from anyway.

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