I cut branches from my neighbor’s tree in my yard

An angry resident grabbed her chainsaw to do some yard work after her neighbor’s tree began encroaching on her yard.

TikToker Stephanie Padgett snapped the huge branch after it hit her head while she was mowing the lawn.

TikToker Stephanie Padgett shared a video of herself cutting down her neighbor’s tree branch that was encroaching on her yardCredit: TikTok/@newjerseyketoqueen/
She said she did it after hitting her head while mowing the lawnCredit: TikTok/@newjerseyketoqueen/

She shared a video of herself sawing up the tree with the on-screen text: “Doing some yard work today!”

In the clip, the Tiktoker (@newjerseyketoqueen) dug while the saw tore down the branch and waited for the entire branch to fall to the ground.

She said in the caption: “I cut the branches of my neighbor’s tree hanging in my garden.”

People loved the clip and said it was “amazing” as she got revenge beautifully.

She explained in the comments that the yard work came after she said she was angry about having her lawn mowed the night before.

Every time she passed near the low end, she had to duck her head, until she finally hit herself.

“So I’m very angry,” she said.

Trees and neighbors can be a dangerous combination if plants are not maintained properly.

Residents should know that they have the right to remove any branches that have passed into the boundaries of their property, according to FindLaw.

But any changes to the tree should not kill them, and it is illegal to trespass on their property to prune anything.

“Most trees have a replacement value of thousands of dollars,” the website states.

“Ornamental or landmark trees can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Prune them carefully.”

Some residents may live near a fruit tree that will grow directly within their garden.

Before picking any fruit for an afternoon snack, residents should check local laws that determine whether it is illegal.

“Courts and states are divided over who can eat fallen fruit,” FindLaw reports.

Wherever a tree stump is located, who owns it is determined, according to most laws.

This means that even if most of the branches are hanging on a resident’s property, they technically could belong on the other side of the fence.

For this reason, it is important to try to reach agreements between neighbors about how to care for trees.

The neighbor dispute comes as another homeowner who recently renovated the basement of his home blamed his neighbor for flooding his home.

Another neighbor built a 250-foot fence out of the foul-smelling material after fighting over the space on his property.

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