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Raymond Brown died earlier this year, and a tribute was paid to celebrate his life earlier this month. Photo: Supplied

Written by Tanya Faulkner
Community members came together at The Basin earlier this month to celebrate the life of a beloved local.

Raymond “Ray” Brown, one of The Basin’s true giants and beloved community members, passed away on Wednesday, August 16th.

The Basin community came together on Friday, September 1, gathering in the community hall to celebrate a life well lived.

There were at least 100 people in attendance, with many locals filling the remaining space to pay their respects, coming together to share stories and memories of the great man.

Community attendees included many local CFA members who worked alongside Mr. Brown, former students and colleagues from their long-time jobs, and a community that loved his personality.

During the ceremony, his brother-in-law described him as highly intelligent, a storyteller, a collector of knowledge, and dedicated to lifelong learning.

Mr. Brown was always ready for a good conversation, with many tributes to commemorate the times spent conversing with him, even in recent weeks.

His family said he was “tickled pink” to be a father when his children came along.

Brown had a long career in customs as a broker, which he thoroughly enjoyed, before becoming, and until very recently, a university lecturer at colleges such as RMIT in his later years.

He was described as the only lecturer who kept his class going until the last minute, and was not afraid to call on his students in class.

He moved to The Basin in 1978 where he loved living in the hills among the birds, native trees and being in the bush.

So much so that he built his own garden at home, and became very involved in the community.

Knox Deputy Mayor Judd Dwight paid tribute to Mr Brown at a recent council meeting, and spoke of a life that celebrated community service.

Mr Brown has had a long-standing relationship with The Basin community, which began in 1978 when he joined The Basin CFA.

He was awarded the Captain’s Award in 1982 and the Firefighter’s Award in 1993 when he received the DP Maguire Award.

He served as Secretary of the CFA from 1990 until 2006, and became a life member of the Royal Children’s Hospital for his fundraising activities.

Mr. Brown was a founding member of the Knox Homebase Network, Neighborhood Watch in the Basin, a member of the Boronia Rotary Club, an early member of the Montrose Environmental Group and one of the first members of the Knox City Council Environmental Advisory Committee. Between 1993 and 2001.

In 2020, Mr Brown was honored at the Australian Day of Honor for services to conservation and the environment at Knox.

Mrs Dwight said he was an active member of the Friends of Ferntree Gully National Park.

“I think that’s why he keeps calling me about Sweet Pittosporum and Agapanthus and Pampas Grass,” she said.

She said Mr. Brown was one of those wonderful people who she listened to when they spoke.

“Even though I’ve only known him for a relatively short time, what a privilege!

“And to his family, thank you for sharing Ray’s energy and passion with the Knox community over the course of his amazing life,” she said.

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