I wish – unplugged

I wish – unplugged



Disney is in the midst of celebrating its Disney100 in 2023. And it may be well-deserved. Over the past 100 years, the Mouse House has been home to some amazing artistic and commercial successes, some of which I, and many of you, still love.

But for all those years upon years of lucrative accomplishments and, yes, the magic of storytelling, he wishes Sounds like a surprisingly insecure company business.

This movie can seem like it was written by an algorithm. “Princess”? examining. Magic? Yes. Talking animals? Challenging. Songs? Absolutely. Everything that worked at Disney is regurgitated here and fed to its audience – all while paying little attention to what Walt Disney built the company on: great storytelling.

Instead of the story that seemed to need to be told, we were given baskets upon baskets of Disney Easter eggs. The company would prefer that I not spoil those little surprises (which can actually be a lot of fun), but trust me: it would be easier to name animated movies that it’s not Referenced here are those that are. Sometimes, it seems like that he wishes It was made specifically for Easter eggs, not as a storytelling vehicle, which is a bit like offering a bunch of candy without the cake to a group of 7-year-olds. The first or second bite is delicious, but in the end the taste is not satisfactory.

Some have called he wishes It’s a very conventional, even conservative, film, which means it doesn’t take a lot of unnecessary chances. This seems true, at least on some level. But even then, the film hedges its bets, offering a vague wink to its gay fans.

Religion has always had the power to polarize people, so perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us he wishes-Desiring to be as harmless as possible- she pushed hard to separate herself and her magic from any kind of transcendent power. It’s as secular as any story with magic wands, spell books, wish-granting stars, and talking animals. Ironically, of course, this decision may still alienate many.

Well, we have some stardust inside us or whatever. This is definitely not the reason I Turn to heaven to wonder or pray. I don’t think it’s possible to be inspired by the fact that we’re made of the same raw material as everything else in the universe, and Disney’s storytellers have to be smart enough to figure that out. We have been inspired by mystery, moved by awe, and moved to tears by our glorious creation, and most especially, Constructor Behind her. Disney is essentially asking us to marvel at the beautiful cathedral because of its brickwork.

If you can put aside this film’s naturalistic musings, atheistic leanings, and gay attitudes, he wishes Otherwise fairly harmless. But it’s not inspiring. It doesn’t come close to the artistic standards set by Walt Disney many decades ago. It falls short of the renaissance films of the 1990s, and is even dwarfed by its more recent triumphs (e.g Charm).

I did not hate he wishes. But when I left the theater, I had one big wish: I wish the movie had been better.

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