Inexpensive garden plants that can “easily live for 50 years” with little effort

Inexpensive garden plants that can “easily live for 50 years” with little effort

A gardening expert shared which plants homeowners should buy to avoid having to replant them every year.

Plants are usually divided into two categories; Annuals and perennials. Gardeners should expect to replant annuals every year, although they tend to be cheaper in cost. On the other hand, perennials can last a long time without having to be replanted.

According to Blythe Yost, co-founder and CEO of Tilly, an online landscape design website, some perennials can last for decades with lasting vigor. While perennials are more expensive, Blythe said they can be beneficial in the long run.

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Speaking to Express, she said: “Plants like peonies and irises will easily live for 50 years if left undisturbed. Peonies may be one of the longest-lived perennials, so they are definitely worth the investment.”

With peonies, she cautions enthusiastic gardeners against growing them in their forever home because they don’t like being moved. Once they are planted and starting to grow, another tip is to add mesh stakes around them to prevent them from tipping over.

Siberian and African iris are two species that will persist in gardens with little attention – providing an easier solution for those with little time. All irises, including those that bloom, should be divided every few years to promote flowering, but they will survive even without the extra attention.

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