ITV has seen some of its television programs receive Ofcom objections that have run into the thousands over the years.

In fact, it was Good Morning Britain that received the most complaints, according to data from TECC.

ITV has seen some of its television programs receive Ofcom objections that have run into the thousands over the yearsCredit: PA

With a total of 75,623 complaints filed during that period, GMB accounts for a 36.63 share of all official television-related complaints.

Here, we take a look at the ITV programs that received the highest scores for Ofcom complaints.

Good morning, Britain – 75,623 complaints

Good Morning Britain received 75,623 complaintsCredit: Rex

Good Morning Britain received 75,623 complaints between 2020 and 2022.

This would make the daytime television program the most complained about program on ITV.

More than 41,000 viewers complained to the media watchdog after Piers Morgan’s rant about Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah.

As a result, the interview received the highest number of complaints from Ofcom in a decade.

But the show has had complaints from Ofcom about all sorts of other moments too.

Pierce’s fiery conversation with health Secretary Matt Hancock received 600 complaints.

Nearly 300 people complained after Piers grilled Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen about the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The broadcaster raised more than 390 complaints because he mocked Prime Minister Boris Johnson and compared him to a scarecrow and Razel Gummidge.

Recently, GMB 103 received complaints from viewers who were angry with Matt Hancock.

The popular show was criticized for words spoken by Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimo during a discussion on the royal family in May this year.

The media watchdog, Ofcom, confirmed that it had received 52 complaints about the broadcast.

Love Island – 42,944 complaints

There were a total of 466 complaints about Molly being allowed back into the villaCredit: Rex

Love Island has not gone unpunished, with the reality show coming in second place when it comes to complaints

In the same two-year time frame, Sunny Sun achieved 42,944.

Of these, 24,763 viewers expressed their displeasure with the explosive and “toxic” feud between Faye Winter and Teddy Soares in 2021.

The incident, which saw Faye swearing and screaming at her partner Teddy, is the most complained about moment on Love Island. date.

This year, more than 1,000 people complained due to the controversy surrounding the series and the return of Molly Marsh.

There were a total of 466 complaints about Molly being allowed back into the villa after being dumped, as well as 957 complaints about the Movie Night episode on 9 July.

Ofcom was also flooded with complaints after viewers said islanders were uniting against Molly’s man Zachariah Noble.

155 viewers contacted the broadcaster after they found it difficult to watch the scenes involving Jess and Molly.

Britain’s Got Talent – 29,561 complaints

Ofcom complaints flooded the show after American Thomas Vu pulled his stuntCredit: ITV

Britain’s Got Talent was hit with a slew of complaints in 2020 following Diversity’s Black Lives Matter performance.

In total, the ITV1 talent show – hosted by Ant and Dec – received 29,561 complaints from Ofcom between 2020 and 2022, but 24,500 of them related to the Diversity routine.

This year, the show was flooded with Ofcom complaints after American Thomas Vu made his own stunt on stage.

He continued to solve the Rubik’s Cube while it was covered in flames, much to the amazement of Simon Cowell and the rest of the Britain’s Got Talent panel.

Some fans were not convinced it should have aired at all.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom told The Sun it received 334 formal complaints shortly after the episode aired.

Many show business have been subject to complaints over the years.

Another this year that received Ofcom complaints was a very “stormy” performance.

The act in question saw Ichikawa Koikuchi take to the stage to demonstrate his routine that saw him blow out candles, sound the party horn and pop a balloon with his own farts.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom told The Sun it received 66 formal complaints shortly after the episode aired.

This morning – 9811 complaints

The offer received hundreds of Ofcom complaints after they offered to pay energy billsCredit: Rex

This morning it has been rocked by complaints from Ofcom during its run across various supply segments.

The TV watchdog confirmed it had received 55 formal complaints from upset viewers about Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s apology for “queue jumping”.

Fans felt angry at Alison Hammond in April too, with dozens writing to the state broadcasting regulator over a row over stage etiquette.

This morning received 66 complaints about the broadcast on April 7, 2023.

The offer received hundreds of Ofcom complaints after they offered to pay energy Bills As a competition prize in the Spin to Win game.

The Television Oversight Authority confirmed that it had received 170 official complaints from angry viewers.

A further 231 Ofcom complaints came during a segment on vegan dairy, as well as 43 complaints after Samantha Yardley said overweight people should be banned from buying large clothes. Careers.

Oprah with Harry and Meghan – 6,449 complaints

Ofcom did not disclose the elements of the interview to which the complaints referredCredit: AP

Complaints to Meghan Markle and prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey increased by thousands after it aired, with a total of 6,449 interviews.

The chat, which was watched by 12.4 million viewers when it first aired in the UK, made a series of blistering revelations about the royal family.

Ofcom did not disclose the elements of the interview to which the complaints referred.

During the conversation with Oprah, the couple made a series of shocking allegations, the most shocking of all being that an unnamed member of the royal family made a racist comment about the color of his son Archie’s skin.

The Duchess also said she was prevented from seeking mental health support when she was in crisis.

Loraine – 4,465 complaints

Ofcom confirmed it had received 3,743 complaints about LaurenCredit: Rex

Lauren has received thousands of complaints as well.

An episode of the presenter’s ITV show which aired in 2021 sparked complaints to broadcasting regulator Ofcom after a discussion about the coronavirus vaccine.

Lauren said those who refuse to be vaccinated need to “protect themselves”, and Dr. Hilary spoke about the safety of vaccines.

Ofcom confirmed that it had received 3,743 complaints.

GP Dr Hilary said: “Those people who have not been vaccinated, we would really like you to think again and get vaccinated.”

“That’s a number we should really focus on, 90% of people are in,” Lauren answered hospital “They have not been vaccinated.”

But it angered the program’s viewers, who said the numbers were incorrect.

I’m a celebrity…get me out of here! – 4150 complaints

There have been 1,890 Ofcom complaints relating to the inclusion of MP Matt Hancock in the seriesCredit: Rex

I big success…Get me out of here! It received nearly 2,000 complaints from Ofcom due to Matt Hancock’s tenure on the show.

The 44-year-old former health secretary – who finished third in the ITV series – was arguably one of the most controversial celebrities to ever set foot in the jungle.

Over the course of the series’ weeks, 3,727 people wrote to the regulator to complain about something on their screens they were unhappy with.

1,890 of them were related to the MP’s inclusion in the series.

There were also 18 complaints about questions about dingo bucks after campmates remained missing.

There were also 18 complaints about questions about dingo bucks after campmates remained missing.

Over the years, thousands of viewers wrote in anger the television Watchdog Ofcom has accused TV bosses of being “cruel” to creatures and creatures.

Loose Women – 2017 Complaint

The show has come under fire due to Ofcom’s complaints about its “goth kid” comments.Credit: Rex

Rounding out the list is Loose Women, with 2,017 complaints.

Earlier this year, the show came under fire due to Ofcom complaints about “micro-gothic” comments.

On December 22 last year, ITV aired a TikTok video that featured a “day in the life of a goth kid” written by Rebecca Hardy.

The clip went viral showing her daughter’s appearance, as well as her nursery, inspired by the Addams Family.

Katie wasn’t a big fan of the nursery’s interior decor and said, “children I do not like it!”

It was reported that 69 people complained to the Television Regulatory Authority over her comments.

A further 87 viewers then did the same, Ofcom reports.

Janet Street-Porter and Charlene White also had a heated debate over the programme, leading to more than 200 people complaining to the broadcasting regulator.

The presenters spoke to each other as they clashed over shocking claims that people are being stopped at the Ukrainian border because of the color of their skin.

The media regulator was inundated with complaints after Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster, admitted she let her baby cry to put her baby’s needs first.

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