I’ve noticed something about my houseplants. Now, I want a divorce

I’ve noticed something about my houseplants.  Now, I want a divorce

In a recent Reddit post shared with r/RelationshipAdvice, site user u/r/ThrowRA_Necessary_22 shared a post about some changes she’s noticed in her houseplants.

“I have lots and lots of houseplants, and even some of them were very expensive and were gifts from my sister,” she explained in the post. But in the past six months, “at least a third of my plants have died.”

The poster kept the plants alive their entire lives and knew that the diseases that killed them did not come from over- or under-watering or poor access to light.

“They died suddenly,” she said. “I tried not to let it bother me too much because the plants are dying and they haven’t been an expensive plant yet.”

Then a really dear plant died

Her sister had recently given her a beautiful (and expensive) five-leaf Monstera Albo plant for her birthday – which she had woken up to find dead for days.

“I was crying so hard over that,” the poster understandably said.

So, to literally get to the root of the problem, she removed the plant from its pot to find out why it was dying.

“I was looking hard at this plant and its roots to see if its death was related to pests, and that’s when I noticed an odor,” she revealed.

“I sniffed my potting mix and smelled bleach.”

The poster realized that her husband must kill the plants

“The only adult in my house who has unlimited, unsupervised access to my plants is my husband,” the woman said.

So, I talked to him about it. Although he initially denied it, he eventually admitted that he was behind the weed killer containing bleach.

“I started crying,” the poster said. “I asked him why, why are you doing this? You know I love these plants, so why are you destroying them? He didn’t really answer and he didn’t really apologize.

Then she said she lost all trust in her husband and part of her felt like she was just ending the relationship. Later, when she sent her husband out of the house and texted him again about the affair, she said: “His exact words were that I deserved to be knocked down the stake.”

This was not his only calculated crime

Since she found out about the bleach, she also snuck into his office and found a drawer full of their daughter’s valuable dollhouse toys and furniture.

“She takes good care of her toys, but they always end up losing something and my husband is always the one who notices,” the poster read.

“He lectures her about how to keep track of her things and how he won’t let her play in her dollhouse if she keeps losing things. He keeps going until she starts crying.

“My husband will no longer be welcomed into my home, and I need to find a lawyer as soon as possible on Monday,” she added in the update.

“My sister, her husband, and her father-in-law came this afternoon and changed the locks,” she concluded.

“I texted him to tell him he wasn’t coming back and that he could come Saturday morning to pick up his essentials, but my brother-in-law and another man would be there to watch.”

People were on the side of the label

Some commentators were concerned about the integrity of the poster due to the calculated, drawn-out, and frankly frightening nature of the cruel actions.

“Sheesh, I would worry about what he puts in my coffee,” one commenter said. Another commented: “Not only was this calculated, it was implemented over time and in multiple instances. It is very scary and will escalate to pets and eventually humans.

Another said: “The cold calculation is the part that gives me the most sociopathy.”

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