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Add color and elegance to your home with these real hammered colored glass perches. Available in pairs and a few different color options, these fun and beautiful lawns feature a rich, translucent appearance. And because they’re made of glass instead of plastic, you’re also getting a huge deal for two at just $30. Whether you fill them with air plants (more on those in a bit) or create your own mini aquarium, they promise to simply spruce up any space.

Terrariums have been making a comeback in recent years, along with miniature gardens and fairy gardens. If you head to your local garden center, you’ll likely find a mini gardening section. Feel free to experiment with some of the small indoor plants you find there in that terrarium, or alternatively, look for one of the best-kept secrets in hassle-free houseplants – the hardy, premium air plant. Easy-to-look and attractive houseplants, epiphytes need only air and water to grow – making them easy to arrange and keep healthy.

You’ll have a pair of unique, colorful, miniature terrariums with these mini hanging planters – perfect for the office, kitchen, on your patio, or in any empty window.

I’ve been looking for a unique air plant stand to brighten up my space. I often see circular glass designs that look like a bulb that you hang in your window, but I wanted something different. These colorful glass designs seemed like the perfect antidote to my planters.

I’ve always loved how sunlight hits the stained glass for the perfect glow on the wall. It’s a great way to add interest to an area without blocking the light. Before I ordered these stained glass lawns, I had questions about the overall quality. Would I get a cheap plastic design for only $30 planters? Fortunately, when I took them out of the box, I saw that was not the case.

Stacy Torino/CNN confirmed

The terrariums are not large – about four inches at the widest point and seven inches long. This makes it absolutely perfect for hanging (with the included metal chain) in a window, on my front porch, or even in my office area. I ordered the blue and yellow option. There was also a mix of pink and brown, which I plan to add in the future.

Stacy Torino/CNN confirmed

This is high quality stained glass at an incredible price – not plastic copies. And because they’re made of real hammered glass, you’ll get that soothing rippled glow on your wall when the sun hits it just right. In general, stained glass items tend to be more expensive, so I was thrilled to get two planters for what I would normally pay for one. This pack would also make a great gift and I plan to buy another set and split it among friends.

Due to the budget pricing, I had doubts about these stained glass terrariums. But they exceeded my expectations. In fact, I wish there were more colors to choose from. However, I’ll have to work with what’s on offer, so I can hang more of them in front of the large bank of windows in my dining room. It would be great to have more of these in one place and I can’t wait to add them to my display.

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