Joy Gadkari, Tejashree Pradhan and other Marathi celebrities welcome Baba to their home on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is an important and joyful festival celebrated by millions of people in Maharashtra, and Marathi celebrities like Tanvi Mundel, Joy Gadkari, Tejashree Pradhan, Sayali Sanjeev, Vivek Sangle and Subodh Bhave are no exception when it comes to enthusiastically welcoming Lord Ganpati into their homes. This annual event is characterized by elaborate preparations, grand celebrations, and deep devotion. A look at the celebrities who welcomed Papa into his home today on the special day.

Tanvi Mundel

Tanvi Mundel, who is known for her exceptional acting skills, opens up for Lord Ganesha with great enthusiasm. She decorated her house with colorful rangoli, vibrant flowers and intricate decorations. Tanvi and her family gathered to offer prayers and offered prasad to the deity. The atmosphere was full of spirituality and celebration.


Joy Gadkari

Joy Gadkari, a popular face on Marathi television, celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with her loved ones. She and her family had an environmentally friendly idol. Joy’s devotion to Lord Ganesha is demonstrated by her active involvement in social causes during this time.

Tejashree Pradhan

Tejashree Pradhan, known for her charming smile, brings home a statue of Lord Ganpati which is a masterpiece in itself. She invited friends and fellow actors from the industry to seek blessings and participate in the celebrations. Tejashree’s house resonated with the sounds of traditional Marathi music and chants.

Sayali Sanjeev

Sayali Sanjeev, a rising star in the Marathi entertainment industry, celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with her family in a traditional way. They help prepare delicious Maharashtrian dishes as offerings to the deity. Sayali celebration is a combination of devotion and delicious cuisine.

Monica Dabad

Marathi actress Monica Dabade who is currently playing the role of Asmita in the show Tharla Tar Mag also welcomed Baba home with great happiness. She also shared her picture with Baba and sought blessings

Vivec belt

Vivek Sangle, an actor who has left a mark with his performance, welcomes Ganpati Bappa with simplicity and purity. He focuses on the spiritual aspect of the festival, offering prayers and involving his family in meaningful rituals. Vivek’s celebration is a reflection of his deep faith.


Subodh Bhave

Subodh Bhave, a veteran actor of Marathi cinema, is hosting the grandeur-filled Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. His house is beautifully decorated, and he invites many friends and industry colleagues for darshan. Subodh’s devotion to Lord Ganesha is evident through the cultural events and charitable initiatives he supports during the festival.