Kingfield Council discusses wildflowers on Main Street

KINGFIELD – The Kingfield Select Committee met Monday evening at 6 p.m. Before the Select Committee meeting, they held a public hearing on the Public Assistance Act cap, which the board unanimously approved.

Betty-Ann Listowich of Norpine Landscaping spoke with the council about plans to plant flowers on the roadside slope between Rolling Fatties and Riverside Cemetery on Main Street. They discussed a variety of seed options for planting, with the goal of identifying the most beneficial and visually pleasing options. Listwich recommended planting perennials to avoid having to reseed often. I initially suggested a mix of lupines, chrysanthemums and brown-eyed Susans that would bloom at different times throughout the season.

Some of these plants won’t be attractive in the off-season, Listwich warned, but the variety of bloom times should help distract from that. “Wildflowers are not elegant up close,” she said. The council requested Queen Anne’s lace and sage be added to the list, lupines removed, and asked Listwich to draw up an estimate.

At the meeting, Selectperson Kim Jordan asked about the new locked gate at the public entrance to Shiloh Pond. She received complaints that this was a nuisance to community members accessing the pond. Both Chair Cathy Houston and Secretary Annie Twitchell of the Shiloh Pond Commission attended the meeting and explained that their priority was to protect the pond and wildlife, according to the terms of the grant funding and the property management plan. The gate is there in an attempt to prevent vehicles from approaching the water. The property was previously gated, but the gate has recently been moved. They explained that a car or any other larger vehicle would not be able to pass the gate due to the track condition, but people are able to move around the gate and enter. Jordan raised the issue of accessibility requirements. Twitchell and Jordan planned to visit the pond and check out the gate.

During the manager’s report, City Manager Leanna Targett brought up a Zoom meeting guide she compiled in the wake of a spam incident that occurred at a meeting a few weeks ago. The guide will lay out the rules, explain where to access Zoom links, and make clear that participants who log in late or are not recognized will not be accepted.

President Wade Brown shared his support for making Zoom guidelines clear to the public. “It’s convenient for everyone, but we don’t need to let it be an inconvenience for us,” Brown said.

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