KUSD School Board member Eric Meadows will not run again

KUSD School Board member Eric Meadows will not run again

Kenosha Unified School District School Board member Eric Meadows has filed notice not to run for school board election next April.

In a social media post, Meadows said he “will not run for re-election” in the 2024 election.

“My daughter graduated from KUSD, so it’s time to pass the torch to others,” he said.

There will be four seats on the Kenosha Unified School Board open for election in 2024. The candidate who receives the fourth-highest number of votes will serve a two-year term that ends in 2026.

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve the community and look forward to encouraging and supporting the next board members who will continue this fight,” Meadows said.

Meadows was elected in the spring 2022 election, receiving the third-highest number of votes. He said he got involved “several years ago when the district was deciding whether or not to close schools.”

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“I knew my child’s needs better than they did and I simply wanted to have the option to continue going to school,” Meadows said. “The vitriol I received after speaking up from those who claimed to know better than me inspired me to run for office. I couldn’t bear to ignore my father.”

Earlier this year, a Wisconsin State Elections Commission employee informed the school board of a clerical error in the spring 2022 election notice in which the then-open board seat was incorrectly set for a three-year term instead of one year.

At that time, there were two three-year terms ending in 2025, and one one-year term ending in the spring of 2023. The candidate with the third-highest number of votes in the spring 2022 election had to serve as the sole candidate. Term of the year. Meadows received the third-highest number of votes and will therefore only serve a one-year term.

Meadows’ seat was vacated, and he was later reappointed to his seat after a virtual special school board session in late February that was held to interview and appoint a candidate to fill a one-year term. After this decision, he filed a lawsuit against the district. A Kenosha County Circuit Court judge later ruled in favor of the district.

He will serve out the remainder of his current one-year term until the April election.

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