Kylie Jenner pushes a wheelbarrow while wearing sheer lace lingerie

Kylie Jenner pushes a wheelbarrow while wearing sheer lace lingerie

It was just this morning that we were drooling over Emily Ratajkowski's Vogue Australia photo shoot. Fast forward a few hours and none other than Kylie Jenner dropped by and shared her magazine photo shoot. pretend to interviewIn the winter issue of 's magazine, the photos accompany an interview with Kylie conducted by the one and only Jennifer Lawrence.

As we read the conversation between the two icons *immediately*, we couldn't stop looking at the photos. from where we start? Well, first (duh). So let's discuss Kylie's Instagram post revealing the photoshoot in question.

Wearing a black triangle bikini with black leather pants, Kylie can be seen sitting on a large rock while holding a giant bumblebee on her back. Yes, it really is as weird as it sounds. And trust us when we say it's going to be more than that from now on.

Other looks Kylie models include a completely sheer ruffled dress, a small Versace chain mail belt, and a nude lace bra worn with a sheer skirt and a pair of red shoes and heels.

Lingerie and topless are a major theme in the shoot, with Kylie bringing back the latter outfit in a test tube (yes really) as well as doing the exposed thong trend in a backless lace crop top, blue miniskirt and bright red XL thigh puffer. -High shoes.

But the look we *really* want to talk about is “suitable” for Kylie Parks — apparently. Kylie was photographed pushing a wheelbarrow filled with soapy water, wearing a sheer white lace Deborah Marquette bra with a clearly lacy Journelle thong over the waistband of her silver pleated Maison Margiela midi skirt. Kylie added white mid-thigh stockings and lace-up high-heeled boots, both also from the designer, to complete the ensemble.

Standard Jenner behavior is to wear such an outrageous look in exchange for a spot of manual labor. Yes, this is how icons behave and we love to see it.

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