Lego Flower Bouquet Review: Beautiful and TikTok-famous

Lego Flower Bouquet Review: Beautiful and TikTok-famous

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We all want to be the kind of person who keeps a bouquet of fresh flowers on the kitchen table, but life gets in the way and busy schedules get the better of us. So, what if there was a way to get a bouquet that never wilts? No, we're not talking about one made of silk flowers. Instead, Lego bouquets
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It is one of the latest home decor trends to hit the internet.

Yes, Lego. Small bricks played with as children are a sophisticated and practical way to incorporate flowers into the home.

But are Legos really the home decor trend you should be joining in? I tried the Lego bouquet, and this is what I think.

What is a Lego bouquet?

Lego bouquet on a pink and yellow background.
Credit: Reviewed/LEGO

This 756-piece LEGO flower bouquet comes with 15 stems with plastic flowers like daisies, California poppies and lavenders.

Lego has released a botanical set containing flowers, bouquets and plants galore. The collections are aimed at adults, with sets ranging from 500 pieces to over 1,000 pieces.

The Lego bouquet I tested is suggested for anyone aged 18 or over, while single flower clusters like Lego tulips and sunflowers are suitable for ages 8 and up.

This 756-piece LEGO flower bouquet comes with 15 stems with plastic flowers like daisies, California poppies and lavenders. The stems are about 14 inches high – about the same size you'd get in a bouquet of real flowers.

The flowers can be arranged in one large bouquet, or you can divide the stems into several smaller arrangements.

What I like about the Lego bouquet

Building the bouquet is an afternoon of fun

Putting together a Lego bouquet is a blast. Although I enjoy arranging fresh cut flowers from time to time, it's definitely not as fun as putting this collection together. Admittedly, Lego wasn't my favorite activity growing up, so this was my first experience building a Lego set.

With the podcast playing in the background, I spent the afternoon putting it together and found the whole experience enjoyable. Doing an activity that didn't involve any screen time was calming. Even if I made a mistake or mixed up the pieces, it was easy to solve and a great way to relax.

Clear instructions make building easy

Someone building a Lego bouquet.
Credit: Reviewed/Samantha Mangino

The instructions were clear enough, so you'll be ready for another fun time building classic Lego.

I wasn't familiar with the instructions usually included with Lego pieces, and I didn't know what to expect. The box contains five clearly labeled plastic bags. These correspond to the steps in the instruction booklet so you know where to find the appropriate materials.

Instructions are delivered through easy-to-understand pictures rather than words. Some pieces look the same, but the instructions are colored to help better differentiate.

Separating the pieces into sections made the process clear. Instead of spilling all the pieces on the table at once, I found it convenient to put the pieces in bowls to keep them organized.

Even though I don't have kids at home, I have a cat that's always hungry and curious about anything he finds on the floor, and I didn't want to risk trying to turn one of the colorful cubes into a snack. Fortunately, the containers kept everything contained and neatly organized along the way.

A unique twist on classic decor

Since a Lego bouquet can replace real flowers, you want something that will totally catch the eye. Although this bouquet mimics the appearance of real flowers, it will definitely not be considered real flowers.

Classic Lego brick design is evident throughout this pack with its squared edges, giving it a digital look inspired by Super Mario Tour. The vibrant colors of the plastic cubes make them stand out. Since I designed the collection, it brings a smile to my face every time I see it sitting on my kitchen counter.

What we don't like

Arranging flowers is harder than it seems

Lego bouquet pieces.
Credit: Reviewed/Samantha Mangino

This is one of the simplest and easiest Lego sets to build, but putting it together is a whole different story.

There's no denying the unique beauty of a LEGO bouquet, but creating it is easier said than done. One wrong move could lead to their breakup. (Don't ask me how I know.) Building the stems is a fairly simple process, but arranging them is a clumsy mess.

Moving the built up stems caused some of the petals and leaves to fall off, so I had to stop and reassemble them more times than I would have liked. Since the flowers of the Lego bouquet are made of plastic, they are rigid and therefore not as easy to fit into the vase as the flexible stem of a real flower.

Each piece of the bouquet is top-heavy, causing the Lego arrangement to tip over easily if the vase opening is too wide. For a sturdier setup, I recommend using a vase with a narrow opening and a heavy bottom.

Should you buy a Lego bouquet?

Yes, it is a fun activity and a unique decoration at the same time

Complete Lego bouquet in a vase.
Credit: Reviewed/Samantha Mangino

They blend in perfectly like a group of real plants, and you won't even need to water them!

After seeing my TikTok feed filled with videos of people excitedly assembling Lego bouquets, I understand the hype. They're fun to put together and a fun activity to incorporate into your relaxation plans.

The bouquet is also a beautiful piece of home decor. Although the fresh flowers will wilt within a week, this Lego bouquet is a piece that will forever look stunning wherever you keep it. They are customizable as you can divide the stems into different vases around your home.

The good looks, variety, and fun included in a Lego bouquet make this decor trend worth purchasing.

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