Let the iris bloom at Christmas: practical advice, thanks to which you will never become just a disposable flower again – Design – Garden

Let the iris bloom at Christmas: practical advice, thanks to which you will never become just a disposable flower again – Design – Garden

Although it is not as popular here during the Christmas holidays as the most beautiful poinsettia (Christmas star/rose), it will certainly interest many of you. The zornica flower is distinguished by its large flowers, slender stem and versatile use in ceremonial arrangements.

Zornica is often confused with the similar amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna), Both types may be considered one and the same, but distinguishing between them is not difficult at all.

Hybrid student (Hipstrom s gardens) It comes from subtropical America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina). It blooms in its habitat from January to April. In our country it hits store shelves mainly in the winter. Bulbs of plants flowering already in December go through an acceleration process.

If you are looking for growing inspiration on foreign sites, you will often find amaryllis-shaped iris.

The diameter of the pupil bulb can range from 13 to 18 cm. The leaves are often up to 3 cm wide and up to 70 cm long. One of the main distinguishing features between iris and amaryllis For example, the leaves of the iris grow at the same time as the hollow flower stalk, while the leaves of the amaryllis in the ground rose grow in spring and die in early summer, at the time of full flower stalk formation. The height of the pupil can reach 100 cm at the time of flowering. The inflorescence usually consists of two to four flowers, but in exceptional cases there can be six.

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dawn The flower stalk grows at the same time as one or more leaves.

Give it a dormant period and it will last for years

  • If you purchased a student for the first time this year, Make sure not to discard the plant after flowering. Onions can be stored relatively easily without a substrate in a dry place at a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius until it is time to plant them again.
  • If you saved a pupil bulb from last year, We will advise you on how to reliably bring it back to life and speed up the flowering process in the Christmas period.
The iris flowers bloom gradually and quietly... Image: Shutterstock
dawn Irises bloom gradually and can easily take 6 to 8 weeks.

  1. It is best to plant onions in early October. Because it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the flower stalk to grow and bloom. If you plant them only in November, you will practically do nothing wrong, and they will only flower after a few weeks. You can also plan the gradual flowering of several plants keeping the 8-week rule in mind.
  2. Choose a flower pot that is not too large. There should remain about 2 cm between the edge of the container and the onion.
  3. Place the drain at the bottom In the form of expanded clay or gravel and then a layer of high-quality garden substrate.
  4. It is specific to the student A third to half of the onion should protrude above the surface of a high-quality, nutritious substrate. Those planted deeper usually form daughter bulbs that do not bloom.
  5. Leave the planted onions in a cooler room (Quietly where it overwintered) And only when the flower stalk starts to grow from it, move it to a bright place at room temperature. The higher it is, the faster the plant blooms, but it also wilts.
  6. Increase the bandage slightly only when When you see the leaves growing. Always pour it into a bowl to avoid the onions rotting.

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