Lily of the valley varieties are beautiful and not invasive

Lily of the valley varieties are beautiful and not invasive

One of the first flowers I picked as a child was a bouquet of lily of the valley (Councils of convalaria) From the neighbors’ yard. Our neighbor, an elderly lady of German descent, astonished me with fairy tales about fairies bringing dew in thimble-sized cups for the Queen’s breakfast, about how flowers tinkle when fairies sing, and about fairies using thimble-shaped flowers as a charm. Against witches’ spells, how flower branches are added to wedding bouquets to ensure a good marriage, and even those ideas that say a delicious scent triggers visions of heaven.

I was easily captivated, and I spent hours and hours with my nose in those flowers – but somehow, those desired visions never came true.

The stalwart of all English gardens, Maybells, Mary’s Tears – or lily of the valley, as they are more commonly known – is a small, sweet, shade-loving deciduous perennial. Reaching only six to eight inches tall, this hardy old plant (Zone 4) is a floral giant in any woodland garden. It is particularly suitable for use as a ground cover under shrubs and trees as well as tall, north-facing walls where few other plants grow, let alone flower.

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