LoveShackFancy Spring 2024 ready-to-wear collection

The dining hall in Chelsea Square was filled with roses, arches shaped like bows and hearts served as photo backdrops, and glasses of rosé were passed around. Everywhere I looked there were petals, tulle, and of course pink. It could just be a LoveShackFancy party.

It was immediately clear that this was a brand with a great age demographic. Sure, Rebecca Hessel Cohen has two young daughters — who were in attendance — but it was amazing to see in real time how many generations the brand speaks to, from Gen-Alpha to Baby Boomers. They all want to wear the same short dresses with ruffles or frilly shirts. As Cohen said, LoveShackFancy is there for “all the important moments in our girls’ lives, understanding structure and fit from prom to the first day at the office to graduations and weddings to 50th birthdays.”

The Edwardian and Victorian eras of the 1930s are a constant source of inspiration for LoveShackFancy. The former is evident in diagonal dresses, while the latter comes in lace-trimmed blouses, high necklines, and puff sleeves. Cohen describes these as “easy silhouettes for all ages, effortless and timeless.” One of her goals this season was to enhance the Victorian and Edwardian influence while focusing on the quality of fit and the luxury of her fabrics. But the result is never a literal interpretation of the era, something like hustle can be easily inaccessible. In fact, Cohen is expanding her reach by offering printed stretch denim in bras, jumpsuits, and wide-leg pants, and of course by entering the beauty category with three fragrances.

“You would never believe that our best-selling styles (from fall) are shirts, jackets and pants,” Cohen said a few days before the presentation at her studio. This defies expectations for a brand that launched with three dress styles more than a decade ago. Cohen learns from this. The spring collection introduced some new polished jackets, and even wide-leg trousers embroidered with flowers. However, this is LoveShackFancy, so the overall effect was one of exuberance, through embellishment and typography. There was still a short dress with a large tulle bow much longer than the hem of the skirt; Models wore stiletto shoes with ankle straps.

Most of the clothes were one-size-fits-all, like a structured blue and white blazer or an orange slash dress. However, some pieces looked startlingly more mature — like a strapless tulip dress with a pink floral print — or a little more minimalist (a little pink dress with a ribbon print and a bow at the back). The pink chiffon dress is available in mini size, aimed at a younger customer, and maxi dress for adults. As evidenced by the audience, all of Cohen’s clients want to dress feminine and eccentric. And so I surrendered.

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