Lymow reinvents the lawn mower; Preview of the smart mower robot at CES 2024

Lymow reinvents the lawn mower;  Preview of the smart mower robot at CES 2024

Redefining smart lawn mower robots with a patented high-efficiency trimming system and unstoppable tracked manipulators.

Las vigas, January 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lymow, a forward-thinking technology company specializing in yard care, proudly announces the preview of its Intelligent Limitless Lawn Mower Opening Robot at CES 2024. Its patented LyCut trimming system and powerful tracked treads set Lymow One stands out from its counterparts in the current market. The LySee multi-fusion navigation system provides precise positioning with semantic recognition and depth perception.

Wangshuo Gao, founder and CEO of Lymow, emphasizes its product strategy: “Technology should innovate with purpose. We are developing smart tools to ease the workload of our users, not creating flashy robotic toys.” Drawing on eight years of experience at the helm of SharkNinja’s vacuum robotics R&D, Gao focuses on functionality, ease of use and durability, setting Lymow apart from gimmicky competitors.

Efficient cutting with the LyCut Trimmer System

Lymow’s patented LyCut trimmer delivers unparalleled cutting efficiency with industrial-grade blades featuring a cutting width of 21 inches and an adjustable height of 1.2 to 4 inches. Unlike traditional cutting discs, the reciprocating blades prevent clogging by grass debris, and the grass guide guides longer grass into the trimming blades, making it suitable for various types and lengths of grass.

Unparalleled passing with its tracked handling

Designed to conquer any landscape, the Lymow One tracked system enables effortless navigation, with 2-inch obstacle clearance and 100% incline capability. Its powerful 300W output ensures uninterrupted mowing on difficult terrain.

Precise navigation with LySee Multi-Fusion technology

The Lymow navigation system uses a decentralization Multi-sensor fusion approach, providing precise navigation of the mower robot. Advanced features include RTK-GNSS localization for centimeter-level accuracy, a VSLAM binocular camera for reliable signal amidst trees and obstacles, and semantic recognition and depth perception for safe navigation in complex landscapes.

Additional features of Lymow One include:

  • Ultrasonic radars and bumper sensors for collision avoidance
  • Easy to use application to manage multiple zones and restricted zones
  • Real-time tracking, mowing schedule, and work log
  • Geo-fencing for anti-theft alerts
  • Automatic recharge and resume at interruption point
  • Rain detection for automatic return to base
  • Patented blade guard exceeds international safety standards
  • Instant blade stop when powered off
  • Guarantees for children and pets
  • Flexible, one-piece aluminum alloy construction molded to last
  • LiFePO4 battery prioritizes safety and long cycle
  • Precision brushless motor for reliability and durability

Since the first mower robot was patented in 1969, the evolution of this product category has been a constant journey of improvement. The Lymow One stands as the embodiment of brains and power, redefining the robotic lawn care landscape with unparalleled intelligence and flexibility.

To learn more about the Lymow One TK18000, please visit Booth #50118 at Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls AD, Venetian Ballroom and Meeting Rooms during CES 2024 from January 9-12 In the Las vigas Conference Center.

The Lymow One is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in late Q1 2017024.

About Lymow Tech

The Lymow team consists of PhD graduates and candidates from prestigious institutions, bringing together a skill set with deep technical experience in AI and robotics. With a proven track record of delivering and improving robotic products containing millions of units, they provide a seamless experience in bringing smart yard maintenance to homes.

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