Madge releases new album titled “BOXJAR” including “Tall Grass” ft. Portugal. the man

Madge releases new album titled “BOXJAR” including “Tall Grass” ft. Portugal.  the man

Today, non-binary artist Madge releases her album BOXJAR via AntiFragile Music which includes singles like “SARAGHINA” and “TALL GRASS” ft. Portugal. Man, including the official self-directed music video and “MACROWAVE”. Madge is the powerhouse, self-produced artist who exorcises bros and vampires. The DIY-pop solo project is a Mormon-raised, Brooklyn-based, somewhat sad and angry artist who has written for Pussy Riot, Broke Candy, Yungblud, Travis Barker, Slayyyter, etc. and has a lot of music and collaborations. In the tube.

Madge on BOXJAR album opener: “MACROWAVE was the first song I wrote on this album and it set the tone for the whole thing. It was also the first session I did after my father died. I can hear the weirdness and rawness of it now.” It’s clear that after two years – the screaming style of singing was in The finish is purely organic. Honestly, I didn’t plan to do this.”

About “TALL GRASS” they explain: “I met Portugal. The guy through friends and I immediately started pestering them about a collaboration. We bounced ideas back and forth for months and pieced together the final product as a Frankenstein of all our virtual exchanges.” We have as many messages as we can Text, song lyrics, voice notes and images. “I feel proud that we achieved this.”

Earlier, they released the song “SARAGHINA” and explained: “I don’t write a lot of stories – this song has been brewing in my mind for a while. The first incarnation was sweeter and lighter. When it finally came to life with Raziel in the studio, it became darker and more… Sarajina is a very complex character, but the main source of inspiration is an extended relative who died when I was a teenager. She lived a mysterious, short, and tortured life. And although I would like to mythologize her story and our relationship, the lived experience remains very mundane. In Sometimes it’s this smallness that seems tragic.

Madge – BOXJAR – Album Track List (AntiFragile Recordings):

1. Microwave
2. Throat (with garden carpet)
3. Then again (with CMTEN, HXSTAGE and Kamiyada+)
4. Glass toys (with CMTEN)
5. Thumbtax (with my daughters)
6. Real life
8. Box Jar (with Lex Stacy)
9. Tripe
10. Saragina
11. Long Grass (ft. Portugal. Man)
12. Hitting a child
13. Psychobomb (with Jessica Winter)

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