Man scrambles through flooded area and carries woman in wheelbarrow in viral video: ‘One day I’ll make it’

  • A man who appeared to be walking through the streets was seen pushing a woman and her goods into a wheelbarrow
  • The road was completely submerged in water, but the man braved the water and moved around to get the woman across to the other side
  • Currently, the video has received nearly 10,000 likes and more than 600 shares after being posted on TikTok.

More than 9,000 TikTok users watched a video of a man pushing a woman in a wheelbarrow.

The man was roaming the streets in his wheelbarrow. Photo: TikTok/@wise_man_66.
Source: User-generated content

The man appeared to be rushing through the streets and may have impregnated the woman for a fee.

The street looked like a market with people on both sides of the muddy road.

There were also shops and some roadside hustlers. The entire road was flooded with brown water.

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A viral video shows a man pushing a woman in a wheelbarrow

Despite the flooding, the man was able to navigate the road as he struggled to get the woman across to dry land.

The inscription on his wheelbarrow says:

“One day, one day.”

This could mean that he aspires to one day achieve this with his accelerator. The video received more than 600 shares after @wise_man_66 posted it.

Watch the video below:

How Kenyans working in Canada built a beautiful bungalow

In a related story, A Kenyan man living and working abroad has fulfilled his dream of building a beautiful house in his homeland.

The man, identified as @mjoro on TikTok, shared his inspiring journey of building his own home from scratch.

The hard-working man said: “Kotoka Foundation, man, Nemekwa Rada (I started it from the Foundation, and it was on it).”

In a video clip that went viral on social media platforms, he shared a slideshow of the different stages of developing his home, from unpacking the building blocks and digging the foundation to putting the finishing touches.

The video included the emotional song “Mish Mish” by Caetano, which talks about the importance of hard work.

“Watch me build my 3 bedroom house,” @mjoro captioned his video.

The video was greatly appreciated by Internet users. Here are some of their comments:

Erastus wrote:

“Congratulations, buddy. Keep going.”

Lucy Mwai:

“Congratulations. Keep up the spirit.”


“I’d like to know how you did it, brother. This is my dream.”

Carwa Maina 021:

“Congratulations. Show us the way.” maasai ya asali: “Show us your ways, Master.”


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