Masterfully catch the enchanting toys

Masterfully catch the enchanting toys

I found an unattributed quote online that seemed like a good way to open this column: “The worst person to be around is the one who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.” I can easily see why the person who dreamed up this bullshit idea wouldn’t want his name associated with it. I mean, who really cares about quotes at the beginning of an article? Just the person who came up with the quotes, I think.

However, let me catch up on the latest news from the National Gaming Hall of Fame.

The foundation is located in Rochester, New York, and publishes an annual list of inductees recognizing contributions to toys and games over the years. I like the sense of play as much as the next overeducated, underemployed, know-it-all guy with too much time on his hands. (See first paragraph for more context.) I would normally accept the list of great toys as an honest observation of the world of play, if only it weren’t just weeks away from Christmas when parents are scrambling to buy something, anything, to keep them busy. their children so that parents can watch some daytime television during the Christmas holiday without interruption.

People read too…

The National Gaming Hall of Fame comes to the rescue!

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, officials at the foundation allowed fans to vote on one of five games that reached the finals more than once — but were passed over. They even called the contest “The Forgotten Five.” The list includes pogo sticks, My Little Pony, PEZ dispensers, and transformers. Oh, and one more, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, which is a mischievous little device that little kids push out of it. The friction of the wheels drives a mechanism that causes the plastic balls encased in the toy to emerge into the clear dome covering the business end of the toy.

Long story short – Popper won.

Someone pointed out that the game encourages young children to learn to walk. I disagree. I think it’s training them for future mindless tasks like mowing the lawn. I assume the company already has a corn popper ride-on cart in the works for kids who live in residences with larger lawns. This will help them get used to the routine of doing something repetitively for the neighborhood association.

While you may think that all I’m doing is complaining about innocent, charming things like a corn popper — and finding fault with happy kids learning while playing — I’d disagree. I complain about things I don’t like and also most things I know nothing about. (Check out that first paragraph again if you’re still reading this column.) Don’t get me started on pumpkin spice, long walks on the beach or snowflakes on eyelashes.

Maybe I’d get an ounce of respect if something as simple as a kite had a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame. Now, there’s a toy that costs nothing, actually flies, and entertains kids and adults alike. What? Introduced in 2017? Along with jump rope in 2000, the cardboard box in 2005, chess in 2013, and bubbles in 2014? Unfortunately I don’t have the space for this column or I would certainly find other things to complain about. I think I’ll take my corn popper for a spin around the newsroom.

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