Meet our new brand » New York Botanical Garden

Meet our new brand » New York Botanical Garden

Defining who we are at NYBG has always been important, both externally, in the look and feel of our organization, and internally, in what we accomplish as a center for plant science, education, and horticulture.

At NYBG, we like to call ourselves “Purposeful Vegan People.”

The question is how do we wear it on our sleeves? You know we have plants (over a million!), and you know we have the experts to keep them thriving. But where does our “purpose” come from? How can we embody the connection between plants, people and our planet, and inspire you to be a purposeful plant person too?

Over 130 years later, our identity has changed and evolved in remarkable ways. We know that part of what makes marketing campaigns successful is imagery that enables you – our visitors – to fall in love with the natural world in all its colorful, thriving beauty. Something bold and bright you’ll be excited to see in your inbox in the morning, something you’ll want to hang on your wall—and something you’ll be proud to wear on a t-shirt or reusable tote bag!

Enter our new brand. That’s right, you are part of an exciting moment in NYBG history.

After a year of working with our staff and visitors to get an idea of ​​how supportive people really are of this organization be seen NYBG, we’ve developed a look that speaks to the amazing power of nature to bring people together. It is something that helps people understand how our prosperity depends on plants.

The result: a new brand that is energetic, hopeful and engaging. Let’s dig deeper.

A living logo and a timeless typeface

Our updated logo is full of organic shapes inspired by natural elements, all of which can be found within the NYBG collections: flowers, bees, trees, dewdrops, succulents, etc. Our new custom font — NY Botanical Gothic — is based on iconic posters from the environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s that can be found in our LuEsther T. Mertz Library collection. The new font’s serif variations pay homage to the more traditional fonts found in historic buildings throughout New York City and throughout our park. Finally, the new logo evokes the spirit of New York City, inspired by other famous New York icons such as the New York Yankees, The New YorkerAnd New York times. Our secondary font, GT Super, fits well into the logo frame which is both retro and future-facing. Inspired by typefaces from the 1970s and 1980s, it focuses on “the expressive and idiosyncratic nature of line movements, forced into stable typographic forms” – a perfect combination of the stylized and the functional. For our Botany Highlights, our logo was designed to represent our scientists’ microscopic view of the plant world, and the electric sense of discovery we experience in the laboratory and field. You’ll know you’re exploring NYBG’s new hacks as soon as you see the neon logo treatment.

Neon green logo reads "neipg," Layered on black background

When you see neon, you know you’re experiencing NYBG Science.

Plant powered panel

The colors we use in our new brand are taken from nature’s own colors and named after different plants and fungi: sweet chestnut, jelly ear mushroom, white oak, Siberian iris, snowdrop and anemone., etc.. Even the color of the Bronx River that flows through our landscape has a place in our new color palette. Nature is vibrant in all its forms, and we are excited to embrace the many colors that make our land so special during every season.

A grid depicting Pantone colors representing mushrooms, plants and other organic materials

Our new color schemes represent nature’s rainbow.

Photography with focus

Nature is full of complexities and contradictions – microscopic fungi and massive oaks, newly adapted species and trees introduced by Stonehenge, tropical orchids that thrive in humidity, and marigolds that thrive in arid desert conditions. It is steadfast in its purpose, yet bewildering in its beauty. We want our images to reveal the vastness of nature, but also to take a closer look at the fascinating life of plants.

In essence, nature at its most vital, its most intimate, its most awe-inspiring. Nature in all its aspects is exciting, and we want her to spend her time in the sun.

A view of bright yellow flowers on green stems, growing towards a sunny blue sky

We want you to see plants in a whole new light, from a whole new perspective.

Focus on exploration

While the Garden boasts beautiful plant life and horticultural splendor, we are also proud of NYBG’s role as a leader in plant science. In the field and in our laboratories, our scientists collect plant DNA, identify new species every year, and work to understand how ancient agricultural techniques can shape the future of sustainability. Our scientists examine the role of urban forests in addressing the climate crisis, examine ways to protect plant life through global conservation efforts, and conduct research in the Bronx and beyond—in a world that, while rich in biodiversity, is at risk like never before. But we will make progress by taking an optimistic and intentional approach to our work, and there are plenty of success stories to celebrate. Hope runs deep at NYBG, where plant-based breakthroughs happen every day—and that sentiment comes alive in our new brand.

Our new brand is built on the park’s 133-year history – every era at NYBG, and every visitor who has visited our grounds, is part of this exciting next phase in our brand story.

You are part of our past and present And Our future, whether you visit NYBG for an immersive and peaceful escape, a place to spend time with family, a space to develop your career, or for thought-provoking exhibitions and programs. Through it all, the park is committed to helping nature thrive, so humanity can thrive.

There’s a place for everyone at NYBG – not just today, but for the following generations of purposeful plant workers. We can’t wait for you to interact with our new brand, whether it’s here on site in the Bronx, or wherever you call home.

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