Monty Don shares his 10-second tulip trick to ensure the flowers last longer

Monty Don shares his 10-second tulip trick to ensure the flowers last longer

Monty Don shared some new tips to help gardeners spruce up their outdoor space this spring. April has officially begun, and with the new month comes a number of green-fingered tasks to do this spring.

One tip from gardening experts concerns tulips, which should be done weekly to keep them blooming. The gorgeous flowers can be grown in flower beds, but they also do well in pots.

According to the author of The Gardening Book, tulip growers should make sure to water them at least once a week, even if rain occurs in April. Monty explained on his blog: “Because they have been so negative for several months and April is traditionally a wet month, it is easy to overlook the fact that tulips need water when they are growing strongly, so I water the growing pots weekly.

“This won’t affect flowering this year (although it may make the flowers last longer) but it will help the foliage which in turn makes a big difference to next year’s bulbs.”

Tulips aren’t the only buds that thrive in pots, potted lilies are a favorite of Monty’s, who says they make “one of the best, most fragrant summer displays.”

Tulips should be watered every week, even in rainy spring weather(Photo: Getty Images)

Most lilies prefer fertile soil, with the exception of Madonna lilies which do best in an alkaline form. Whatever the type, the professional gardener says you “can’t go wrong if you provide good drainage and nice, loose compost.”

“I achieve this by mixing a lot of leaves and gravel into a general-purpose, bark-based compost, but just adding perlite or vermiculite will help a lot,” he explained.

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When planting lilies, it is recommended to plant the bulbs about four inches above the compost and place them in a slightly shaded area before moving them to their final position when they begin to grow in May and June. He also recommends keeping it “well watered.”

In his April gardening tip, Monty also explains the best way to protect gardens from slugs and snails. He also issued a warning about mowing the lawn to anyone planning to do this chore in the spring, as there is a certain way to do it without harming their health.

If you find April gardening jobs stressful, Monty said, while “it’s important to get things right,” gardeners should remember that “there’s still time to spare.”

He added: “And if there are jobs that you should do much earlier, there are two sensible ways. Either do them now, a little later than you should, or leave them until next winter. But after the decision is made, it represents!”

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