Moon Valley Nurseries Establishes Headquarters at Scottsdale Airpark | a job

Moon Valley Nurseries Establishes Headquarters at Scottsdale Airpark |  a job


Moon Valley Nurseries last week cut the ribbon on its new 25,000-square-foot office in Scottsdale Airpark.

Its new office, located off Loop 101 and Pima Road in the Pima Northgate Office Building, will comfortably house members of the company’s operations teams in departments such as marketing and auditing customer service calls — and is likely to leave a strong impression on visiting investors.

“One of the important things for us about the space we were in previously was that most of our employees had offices and we wanted to continue to have offices wherever possible for employees,” said Deborah Kelly, Moon Valley’s chief financial officer. “One of the big selling points was that we could design it ourselves and we could build our own offices.”

Moon Valley Nurseries had previously located its corporate headquarters less than 15 miles east of the new office at a location off 7th Street and the 101st Loop.

But after experiencing significant growth over the past four years, CEO Brian Flood felt the company had outgrown its former home base.

“Over the last three or four years, we’ve gone from a 1,000-person company to a nearly 2,000-person company…so there’s a real need to expand,” Flood said.

“We needed to continue to increase staff size and get enough space where we could have open space and not just use cubicles everywhere.”

Not only has the company doubled its headcount over the past half-decade, but Moon Valley Nurseries has also expanded into more Southwestern markets including California, Nevada and Texas.

“We’ve gone into new states and territories and hired new agents, expanded into Austin and Dallas, and now we’re expanding into multiple locations throughout Dallas and throughout California — where we have about 2,000 acres of growing facility and have been around since 2014,” Flood said.

When asked why his company has also grown so quickly, Flood pointed to his biggest seller: trees.

“People once underestimated the importance of the tree and the importance of having it in their yard,” Flood said.

However, Flood says that when stay-at-home orders were enacted, people began to understand the value that trees bring to yards around the valley and our ecosystem.

“During that time, when everyone was home, looking at their yard and having time to take care of the yard, they realized how important it was to be outside,” he said.

For this reason, Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to be the “largest tree grower in the United States” with tree farms in Texas, California and Tonopah, Arizona.

Moon Valley Nurseries feels that its new headquarters gives it a new home to further vertically integrate itself.

“We have a lot of nurseries in this world. We have a lot of farms, we have a lot of landscaping, and we’ve married all three to vertically integrate our company,” Flood said.

In the midst of this growth, Kelly admits that only one place in the valley made sense to move to: Moon Valley Nurseries.

“We knew we wanted to be in North Scottsdale. But we weren’t quite sure where that would be,” Kelly recalls. “(We) looked at a lot of different spaces, and once we saw this space, that was it.

“We liked the location right off the highway, we like that it was close to restaurants — which is good for our employees — and we thought the building was a beautiful building with the advantage that we could build it completely to our specifications and make it open and modern.”

With the facility open after its three-month renovation and relocation, Moon Valley Nurseries is turning its focus to its plans to add 10 new locations this year — one of which will open in Scottsdale this spring and two more to open around the valley later this year.

“We are now ready to open 10 stores this year throughout Southwest Texas and throughout California and Arizona and will continue to expand,” Flood said.

Flood said the coming years may also see Moon Valley Nurseries branch out from the southwest.

“We are excited about the opportunity to be able to grow the company and our goal is to open up to 10 new locations per year,” she said.

“What we plan to do is kind of fill in the states that were already there — that is, Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas — and then once those states are filled, we will expand beyond those four states.”

Information: 602-493-0403.

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