Pat Flowers and Mary Cafiero: Democracy

Pat Flowers and Mary Cafiero

Democracy means listening to people. To hear from Montanans, state Democrats this summer and fall are traveling across the state, holding well-publicized town halls to receive direct input from citizens on how their government can better serve them and help create opportunities for their families and businesses.

Montanans deserve the opportunity to meet their fellow legislators face-to-face to discuss issues important to them, their families and their communities. Our state has a long and important tradition of elected officials meeting with all of their constituents to hear their concerns and ideas.

That’s why Montana Democrats have already held public hearings in Great Falls, Belgrade, and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. We have had a great turnout at these events and are delighted that people have come forward with so many great questions and suggestions. We plan to visit more communities in every part of the state. To make sure Montanans can participate, we advertise our meetings in advance and hope that people of all political stripes will be able to attend.

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Traveling across the state to hear from the people is part of our effort to get back to the basics of democracy and representative government: putting Montanans first.

Deep down, we all share similar hopes and dreams: to live fulfilling lives, take care of our families, and leave a better life for the next generation. Unfortunately, too many legislators and the current governor seem more concerned with helping big corporations and the super-rich rather than hard-working people and retirees.

It’s time to change that and put the creativity and ideas of our fellow Montanans to work for our communities. After hearing from Montanans from across the state, we’ll take what we’ve learned and publicly deploy the ideas as policy priorities for future elections and legislatures.

We’ve already heard clear messages from the citizens of Montana. Instead of flashy tricks or overly clever proposals, they want to talk about straightforward, straightforward ideas that focus on Montanans, help their families, and create good-paying jobs.

We share these priorities. Whether it’s caring for families with a loved one in a nursing home, making sure taxes are fair and don’t favor the wealthy, or respecting an individual’s dignity, freedom, and privacy — these principles and ideas are essential if Montana is going to do just that. It remains a great place to live and work.

Together, we can create a better future for Montana, and we want to hear from you. So please join us at an upcoming meeting – and if you can’t make a meeting, reach out to let us know what you have in mind by sending us a note with your comments, suggestions and concerns at

Montana values ​​have helped guide our past and should continue to inform our future. By visiting communities across the state, listening to people and showing respect, we look forward to working with you to help build a better tomorrow that puts Montanans first.

Sen. Pat Flowers (D-Belgrade) is Montana’s Senate Democratic leader, and Rep. Mary Cafiero (D-Helena) is vice chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

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