Perennials and mega trends create a post-generational society

Perennials and mega trends create a post-generational society

Mauro F. Guillén: Perennials and mega trends are creating a post-generational society

In today’s world, accelerating megatrends – increasing longevity and technological explosion, among others – are changing life as we know it.

Leading sociologist and business economist Mauro F. Guillen He explains that the new post-generational workforce known as “long-lived individuals” – individuals who do not compete against each other either because of their age or experience – will level the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to live a rewarding life.

He argues that outdated terms such as Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z have long been used to categorize us into rigid categories and life stages that artificially prevent people from achieving their full potential.

Join us as Guillén reveals how this generational revolution will impact young people just entering the workforce, as well as those who are living and working longer.


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