Photos taken by runners for the 2024 Ponteland Handcart Race

Photos taken by runners for the 2024 Ponteland Handcart Race

While some started the year with a swim in the cold North Sea, others took part in the traditional race in Pontland, Northumberland.

Competitors participating in this long-running event push their partner in a wheelbarrow around the track.

Hundreds of spectators gathered on the road to attend this entertaining event.

Echo of the North: Hold on tight!Hold on tight! (Photo: Colin Morgan/LEISUREPICS.CO.UK)

120 people took part in four races starting outside The Blackbird pub with an all-out race taking place for the first time.

CBBC and Newcastle panto star Danny Adams was among those pushed around in the one-wheel gardening implement.

Northern Echo: Newcastle theater star takes part in pantomime royal Danny Adams.Newcastle Theater Royal star Danny Adams stars in the pantomime. (Photo: Colin Morgan/LEISUREPICS.CO.UK)

James Leeper and Robert Hold set the fastest time, covering the course in six minutes and 49 seconds.

Windy conditions lead to slower times with the pair running about 29 seconds slower than their time last year.

Northern Echo: These racers dress up as Mario and Luigi.These racers dress up as Mario and Luigi. (Photo: Colin Morgan/LEISUREPICS.CO.UK)

The event, organized by the Ponteland 41 Club, is said to have its origins in the 14th century when the Lord of the Manor encouraged residents to go out to forage for food using barrows during the harsh winter.

The barrows are sponsored by local businesses and individuals to raise money for St Oswald’s Hospice and Tynedale at Home Hospice.

Northern Echo: The event takes place on January 1st every year.This event is held on January 1 every year. (Photo: Colin Morgan/LEISUREPICS.CO.UK)

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See the full list of winners below

Open race (minutes/second)

The first James Leeper and Robert carry 6.49
Second place: Callum Johnson and Louis Hogg 6.57
Third: Alun Woodward and Rob Laverick 7.15

Women’s race

The first is Lucy Hinds and Abigail Elam 10.04
Samantha Walton II and Yvonne Leese 11.17
3rd Rachel Nicholl and Billy Moody 11.22

All-round racing

1st place Sarah McDougle and Thomas Fretwell 10.04
2nd Joe Shallcross and William Fretwell 11.22
Mark Linklater III and Lewis Wood 11.39

Junior race

1 Millie and Kate Johnson
Sam and Anna Heinz II
3rd Ella & John Leiper

Anyone wishing to sponsor a wheelbarrow should contact organizer Andy Lawson At

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