Pick your tulips from a famous Texas farm and field

Pick your tulips from a famous Texas farm and field

A popular area in Texas will soon open with more than 100 varieties of tulips.

Texas Tulips began nearly 30 years ago and is now a travel destination.

What is a Texas Tulip?

Texas Tulip is the largest tulip farm in Texas. Most tulip farms are located in the Northwest, but this magical place is right here in Texas. Run by a Dutch family who immigrated to Texas to start their own tulip farm, this place is a haven for flower lovers.

When is the best time to visit Texas Tulip Inn Pilot Point?

The optimal time to visit Texas Tulips at Pilot Point each year is usually mid-March.

On a daily basis, during the week you will find fewer crowds; Weekends are the busiest times. On an hourly basis, visiting early in the day is usually best if you want to avoid crowds. Entrance costs $5 per person.

How it works:

  • Take the selection basket provided at the playground.
  • Choose the tulips you want to buy and create your own amazing collection of tulips.
  • Bring us your tulips – The staff will wrap your tulips for you in beautiful wrapping paper and apply a special gel to the stems to preserve your tulips until you can bring them home or on your next visit.
  • Take your tulips home or enjoy the rest of your day, as the gel will preserve them throughout the day.

What will you find at Texas Tulips?

1. Limited tulip season: Flowers are only displayed from late February to early mid-April.

2. Go early: For any latecomers or if you can’t visit until the end of the season, there are still a few rows of beautiful tulips to choose from and photograph.

3. Flower picking baskets: They provide cute baskets to hold your tulips while you pick them.

4. Make your own bouquet: At the end of your time picking flowers, you can take them to the counter to purchase stems at $2.50 each. Texas Tulips staff will teach you how to pick tulips properly, by pulling them straight up from the bottom of the stem.

5. Weekend Lines: Go early and try not to go on weekends or try to arrive as early as possible.

6. Amenities: Restrooms, picnic benches and concession stands.

7. Tulip varieties: Tulips are planted in rows and classified according to their type. Each type blooms at different times, which helps make the season longer.

8. Hay Maze for Kids: For your little ones who may not be quite ready to pick tulips, they’ve set up a straw maze. This maze gives children the opportunity to explore and learn through play while enjoying the fresh air.

9. They also hold a Christmas fair in December.

Texas Tulips is located at 10656 FM 2931, Pilot Point, TX 76258, and will open its doors at the end of February 2024.

  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday, 7 days a week, 10am – 8pm

You can learn more about them on their website.

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