Plant dad shares ‘genius’ solution to fragile plastic plant dishes: ‘This is a great idea’

Plant dad shares ‘genius’ solution to fragile plastic plant dishes: ‘This is a great idea’

There is a great way you can beautify your potted plants and reduce waste.


TikToker LIVE KINDLY (@livekindly), who shares sustainable living tips, zero-waste crafts, and plant news, showed how glass dishes helped highlight their plants and add a personal touch to their home decor.

@livekindly Will you try using glass plates instead of buying plastic plant trays? πŸͺ΄ #plants #houseplants #pottedplants #sustainableliving #sustainability #plantparent #plantmom #ecofriendly #plantinspo #thrifting #Secondhand #CapCut ♬ Luffy Hip Hop Chill – Naoki Osawa

β€œYou should stop buying those flimsy plastic plant saucers and try making economical ones to put under your plants instead,” the creator said. β€œIt’s more durable, it can be cleaned, and it looks much nicer.

“What do you think? Would you try this idea?”

How it helps

From giving a designer sweater a second life to getting an expensive blender or even a fancy espresso machine, you can maximize the utility of your products by taking advantage of bargain hunting.

It’s also great to do something different with used items, as this TikToker showed. Both methods keep perfectly useful things from flooding landfills and polluting our environment further.

Turning off the garbage spigot helps cut down on planet-warming methane, which heats the atmosphere 80 times as powerful as carbon dioxide. In fact, methane is responsible for 30% of global warming on Earth due to human activity, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Shopping at thrift stores can save you money, of course. And reverse thrift shopping β€” donating or reselling your goods β€” makes you feel good and helps you take advantage of the many resources available for recycling unwanted items.

Thrifty clothing is particularly popular, and you can use any of several companies centered around the industry, including thredUP, GotSneakers, and For Days.

What everyone says

β€œLess plastic is always better whenever you can,” one commenter wrote.

“What a great idea! Now I’m on the hunt!” Someone else said.

A third TikToker offered similar advice: “My mom uses our kids’ old plates.”

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