Plant nurseries in Thrissur you must check out

Plant nurseries in Thrissur you must check out

The sight of a lush garden or indoor plant space in your home/office is always a joy to see and experience. Plants not only improve the surrounding environment but also create an overall positive atmosphere. For all these reasons, many people like to keep and care for plants as a daily healing ritual. Plant nurseries are one of the perfect hangouts for plant lovers. Here is a list of some plant nurseries in Thrissur that you must check out.

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Pima Season Park

Beema Season Garden is a plant nursery based in Manuthi that has been running shop for nine years. They have three outlets with a wide range of plants available for sale. Their botanical collection consists of seasonal flowers, indoor plants and other outdoor ornamental plants. The Beema Season Garden’s special indoor plant collection of around 100 species makes this a must-visit place. It is located at Post Office Road, Sri Lakshmi Nagar, Manothy, Thrissur. Contact number – 9961643649

National Rose Garden

The National Rose Garden has been in existence for 45 years and is one of the largest plant nurseries in Thrissur. They have three outlets in different areas of Thrissur – Madakatara, Bandiparambu, Manuthi. From small to large, different varieties of the same plant are available here. They also sell different types of trees, fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, etc. They accept retail and wholesale orders.

Thaykatil Gardens

Started over 20 years ago, Thaikattil Gardens is an exclusive place to grow garden grass in Thrissur. They specialize in making different types of grass mats for garden with best quality. Various buffalo grasses such as variegated, miniature, Singapore pearl and Korean carpet are available here. All of this is grown on the spot, so the quality is uncompromising. Thaikkattil Gardens is located at Villadam Road (KPR Road), Urrencherry, Madakathara, Thrissur. Contact number – 9847316854

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Kenzin Garden Center

If you are someone who is interested in indoor and exotic plants, Kenzin Garden Center is one of the best places you can visit. Beautiful plant pots are also available here. This place is located in Thrissur – Palghat Rd, near Skyline axis, Kalathode, Thrissur. Contact number – 9895885578

Balayur Nursery


Palayur Nursery is one of the largest indoor plant nurseries in Thrissur. The nursery, spread over an area of ​​more than two acres, is a storehouse of numerous plants, birds, animals, fish, etc. Apart from all types of plants, fruits and vegetables, Palayur Nursery also sells bio-pots and planters – fertilisers, pesticides, hybrid vegetable seeds, grow bags and garden tools to its customers. This nursery is located in Palayur, Guruvayur, Thrissur.

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Rairath Gardens

Rayirath Gardens is one of the well-known plant nurseries in Thrissur. What makes this place unique is that they sell rare medicinal plants and fruit plants. Sudhakaran Rayirath, the founder of this nursery, has won numerous national and international agricultural awards. The nursery also provides training and guidance to NGOs and self-help groups to start nurseries. Rayirath Gardens is located in Pattikad, Thrissur. Contact number – 0487 2282136

Sri Ayyappa Rose Garden

Sree Ayyappa Rose Garden is a must visit place in Thrissur for people who are crazy about rose varieties. As the name of this place indicates, this nursery specializes in rose plants. Miniatures, Kashmiri, Dutch varieties etc. are some of the varieties of rose plants available here. They also offer seasonal flowers, fruits and other indoor and outdoor plants. This place is located in Mannuty, near Cashew Research Centre, Vellanikkara, Thrissur.

Teos orchards and nursery


Teeose Orchards and Nursery is one of the oldest and largest nurseries located in Thrissur. It contains many groups of plants, some of which are rare species. The main attraction of this nursery is their special imported plants from China, Thailand and Malaysia. Foxtail, Ordhic Bonsai, Datepalm, Nutmeg, Aloe Vera, Bamboo etc. are some of the varieties available at Teeose. This place is located at Mannuthi – Chirakkakode Rd, Vellanikkara, Thrissur.

Heavenly garden

Heavenly Garden is famous for its indoor plants and fruits. You can also get quality fertilizer and grow bags here. Heavenly Garden is located at Mavin chuvadu, Mannuthi Rd, Mukkattukara, Thrissur.

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Floria orchid

Believe it or not, Malayalis love orchids. Floria Orchids is an exclusive orchid nursery in Thrissur with over 100 species in its collection. You will be surprised by the beauty of this nursery. They have an exclusive collection of healthy imported orchids. Florida Orchids is located behind Infant Jesus School, Thirumadam, Aranattukara, Thrissur.

Since Thrissur is a hub for plant nurseries, there are many places in Thrissur where you can get an amazing collection of different types of plants. The above mentioned places are among the places that provide quality plants for plant lovers.

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