Plant nurseries in Vizag that gardening lovers must visit

Plant nurseries in Vizag that gardening lovers must visit

According to a recent report by Greenpeace India, an independent global campaign network, Visakhapatnam is the most polluted city in southern India. Air pollution levels in the city rose at an alarming rate between November 2020 and November 2021. This is causing major concerns among Visagets, and they argue that we will need to continue wearing masks especially due to the presence of Covid-19 and other variants. Over the past few years, traffic density in the city has also increased, making it one of the main drivers of rising air pollution. One cannot help but notice that a large number of trees have been cut down since the last few years, in order to connect electricity and internet throughout the city. Amidst this chaos, the people of Vizag are becoming more aware of the importance of planting plants and trees in their surrounding areas. A number of gated communities across the city have focused on providing their residents with a green and safe environment, thus ensuring clean air is available in the surrounding areas. Most of the residents of Visagate are now taking the initiative of growing plants in their homes and apartments. There are a number of plant nurseries in Vizag, which sell a wide range of plants for ornamental purposes, herbaceous plants, and oxygen boosters.

Below is a list of plant nurseries in Vizag, where one can find a wide variety of plants.

#1 SKML Nursery

This nursery offers a wide range of oxygen enhancing plants, flowering plants and herbaceous plants like Tulasi. SKML Nursery is located near Jagadamba, the heart of the city, and has the locational advantage of being close to most of the residents of Visagate.

Landmark: Near Shyamala Dry Fruits, on the road from Seven Hills Hospital to Green Park Hotel.

Contact: +91 9849118767

#2 CMR Nursery

Chandana Mohan Rao Nursery (CMR), one of the oldest plant nurseries in Vizag, is located in Madhurawada. If you are looking for colorful flowering plants, or plants for decorative purposes, this is the perfect place to head to. It is also home to many medicinal and herbal plants.

Landmark: Kumadi Road, near Indian Oil Petrol Pump.

Contact: 0891 2728959

#3 Kafira greenhouse

Kavira Greenhouse has an amazing collection of indoor plants and delivers plants all over India, from its base in Vizag. Their plant catalog includes Painted Leaf Begonia, Indian Hibiscus, Duo Color Hibiscus, and many other attractive plants to decorate your homes.

Location: Dundaparthi, near Sangam Sarat Theatre.

Contact: +91 8919445049

#4 Green twigs

Founded in 2014, Green Twigs offers a wide range of bonsai, medicinal and ornamental plants. They also sell other gardening materials such as compost, ceramic, plastic and clay pots and fertilizers. In addition, Green Twigs also offers advice on balcony gardening, plant maintenance and kitchen gardening.

Location: Near Lawson Bay Colony, Bida and Altair.

Contact: +91 9000033655

#5 Sukhishitha Arboretum and Gardens

This spacious nursery has a huge collection of plants including herbaceous, medicinal and flowering plants to decorate your balconies and gardens. The knowledgeable owner also offers advice regarding which plants suit your zodiac sign.

Location: Near Zila Parishad Junction, Krishna Temple.

Contact: +91 8125226036

#6 Shalini Plants in Pots and More

As the name suggests, this place has a variety of gardening items. They sell colorful plants for home decoration, ceramic pots, fertilized soil and compost.

Location: Palace layouts, near the intersection of Bida and Altair.

Contact: +91 8790006900

#7 TRF Pots & Plants

Located on the apartment’s terrace, this spacious and airy nursery contains a collection of miniature plants to decorate the garden. They also sell resin, ceramic and clay pots.

Location: Govindam Castle Apartment, Behind Kshatriya Kalyana Mandapam, Seethamadhara.

Contact: 0891 2537853.

#8 Aswatha Vriksha Bonsai Plants

As per the name, this place has a huge collection of miniature bonsai plants. They also sell other ornamental and flowering plants.

Location: Opposite St. Anthony’s Church, Jagadamba.

Contact: +91 9440527216

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