Plant Stores & Garden Centers in Hudson Valley

Plant Stores & Garden Centers in Hudson Valley

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Got a green thumb? These plant stores and garden centers in the Hudson Valley have everything you need to help your plants grow.

Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming, and the Hudson Valley is about to look as beautiful as ever. Liven up your listing with houseplants or invest in your home garden with seeds, stems, supplies and more from local plant stores and garden centers.

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Albany County

Hansen Farm and Nursery


This charming wooden farm stand offers gorgeous plants and locally grown produce. Hansen believes in the importance of urban gardening and wants to encourage Hudson Valley residents to develop their green thumb. All year round, you can find seasonal and hanging plants for sale in the sunshine outside the building. If you’re looking for landscaping help, Hansen’s offers a wide selection of landscaping plants and materials.



The Hewitt family has been keeping the Hudson Valley beautiful and green since 1964. The Hewitt Company is dedicated to helping the DC area maintain bright, green lawns by providing lawn care services, garden information and quality products. The management team is rich in knowledge, boasting over 250 years of collective experience in lawn care and horticulture. If you’re looking for tips for your garden, look no further than Hewitt’s blog.

River Garden Studio


If you’re in need of a relaxing day of retail therapy, River Garden Studio is the place for you. This quiet shop offers indoor plants and finely crafted pottery. The studio looks like a luscious forest with a wide variety of plants perfect for your home. You can also find all the items and tips you’ll need to care for your new companions in the store.

District of Columbia

Flower herb


This cozy plant and flower shop is full of plants you’ll be sure to fall in love with. The colorful collection of planters and candles will add some fairytale flair to your home. A selection of large indoor plants may fly over your head and add beauty to the entryways in your home. You can also keep your gut healthy with this delicious probiotic sauerkraut from Hawthorne Valley.

Dutchess County

Flora good times


If you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your plant collection, visit Flora Good Times. Located in the heart of Beacon, this charming brick-and-mortar shop has an unusual flair, specializing in funky plants and flower arrangements. The plants found here are often locally sourced and carefully cared for. The staff at Flora Good Time will make sure to provide you with all the information necessary to care for any new potted companions you take home with you.

The imaginary gardener


Set on six acres, Rhinebeck Garden Center and Nursery has everything a gardener could ask for. The garden center is full of seeds, vegetables, shrubs, trees, houseplants and rare plants – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. The Garden Center offers frequent, very affordable workshops to learn more about your garden and plant care. If your kids love participating in gardening, look for fun, family-friendly activities like pot painting.

Greene County

Story Nursery Company


The 35-acre horticulturist has been offering a wide selection of delightful plants for your home and garden since 1956. Take advantage of expert landscaping services to make your garden the talk of the neighborhood and wow your guests. Diversify your home decor with a selection of rustic ceramic and wooden planters that are sure to complement your home. At Story’s, you can find flowers, vegetables, trees, herbs, and more to develop your green thumb.

Orange County

Devitt’s Nursery and Supplies

New Windsor

The impressive 25-acre gardening center is a plant lover’s paradise. From landscaping to potted houseplants, Devitt’s has it all. The full-service nursery offers high-quality flowers, vegetables and foliage plants. Brighten up your ambiance with a wide selection of gorgeous perennials such as the beautiful blue forget-me-nots and the popular New York fern.

It grows


This family-owned and operated neighborhood plant store stocks unique and charming plants and growers. These self-watering circular ceramic planters will give your home garden an exotic look. GROW wants to brighten your home with more than just plants, so check out their colorful collection of cheerful home decor and aromatherapy supplies.

Putnam County

Kent Countryside Nursery and Landscape


Kent Countryside has so many plants you can get lost in the beautiful displays. There are thousands of perennials and grass options filling the greenhouses and outdoor displays at this impressive garden center. For beautiful, aromatic flowers and herbs, visit the spacious greenhouse filled with hanging plants, annuals, vegetables and herbs. If you’re a beginner in gardening, Kent Countryside is a great place to enjoy hands-on gardening lessons.

Parcel Flower Company

Cold spring

Parcel Flower Co., Ltd. wants to… Deepen your connection with the natural world. You can find elegant cut flowers and cozy potted plants inside this green, barn-style plant shop. You can also host your wedding with Parcel, in a space decorated with the brand’s stunning flower arrangements. Visit the store and be a #BotanicalBestie!

Rensselaer County

Baker Farm


The greenhouse at Becker’s Farm contains a large, lush collection of beautiful plants for gardeners of all skill levels. Visit her blog “In The Greenhouse” for expert gardening advice. Beginners can get started with a resilient succulent or help keep native pollinators alive and healthy with the store’s guide to developing an attractive butterfly garden. Becker’s has been providing excellent services to gardeners since 1870, and it’s no wonder the store is still thriving today!

Rockland County

Bridge Street Botanical


In 2021, we voted Bridge Street Botanical the Best Botanical Store in our Best of Hudson Valley Awards, and when you shop there, you’re sure to know why. Her collection of tropical and desert plants will make your home look like a mirage. The store also stocks plenty of skincare items, so you can pick up a few items for your next self-care day.

Down to the living land


Houseplant parents will love What Down to Earth offers. From home decor to gardening needs, Rockland County’s largest nursery and garden center has all the essentials to keep your home and garden looking its best.

Ulster County

Original Catskill Nursery

I am in the club

For more than two decades, The Original Catskill Nursery has served as a regional destination for gardeners, with a particular focus on the perennials, fruits, shrubs and trees that grace nurseries in North America. The nursery doesn’t ship plants, which means you’ll have to visit the site, but that’s not a chore since it’s filled with lush greenery of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.


New Paltz

Magic awaits inside the doors of this enchanting witch and plant shop. Ritualist is a modern magic shop dedicated to helping you connect with your spiritual side, your nature, and yourself. Hudson Valley witches and plant lovers alike will love everything this shop has to offer, from expertly crafted serums and ritual candles to dark, lush botanicals. See how radical self-care can help you!

Victoria Gardens


If you are looking to spruce up your home and garden, Victoria Gardens in Rosendale is the place for you. Its gift shop is full of potted plants perfect for any room in your home, and be sure to check out the detailed plant bio on the website to learn more about your new leafy friend’s preferences. You can also find gorgeous rugs, pottery, jewelry, wind chimes, and garden ornaments at the store.

Westchester County

Ridgway Garden Centre

White plains

This family-owned garden center located in the heart of White Plains is dedicated to meeting the gardening needs of its community. The Morano-Sagliocco family has decades of gardening and landscaping experience to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. This large outdoor gardening display is filled with gorgeous green plants and provides a charming farmhouse feel.

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