Plants, flowers and home decor galore at Flower Hound in Eagle

Plants, flowers and home decor galore at Flower Hound in Eagle

Flower Hound owner, Paige Tabor, stands behind the counter of her new flower and plant shop in Eagle, Flower Hound. The store opened its doors on Tuesday and is eager to grow with the community.
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The eagle got a little greener Tuesday when Paige Tabor opened Flower Hound, a new flower and plant store, at 115 E Second St. Previously limited to Vail Farmer’s Market hours, Tabor now runs Flower Hound from 10am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. .

“It was very exciting to see what I had in mind come to fruition in this space,” Tabor said. “I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time and now I can see it and share it with everyone.”

The Flower Hound is designed to combine houseplants, flowers, gifts and home decor into one comfortable, cohesive space. Tabor said the end result made her want to move into this field, and so far, clients have said the same.

The Flower Hound in Eagle offers a selection of gifts, from trinkets to fresh flowers.
Paige Tabor/Photo courtesy

“They find it very peaceful here, there’s nothing quite like it,” Tabor said. “They love the way we designed the space here, and they’re excited about all the different types of plants. It’s been great.”

One end of the store is Tabor’s “Plant World,” equipped with a “greenhouse” for aesthetics, plant care basics, and, of course, plants.

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Tabor said Flower Hound will always carry a variety of plants — “You have your common plants, like pothos, but then more unique plants like the shingle plant that grows these little panels. I’m always looking for exotic species of plants. My favorite right now is Frizzle Sizzle And it has tendrils just coming out of it.

Besides plants, providing a plant parent with everything available to take care of the greenery was a priority for Tabor in opening Flower Hound. The store carries soil, conditioners, stuff for cacti or tropical plants, leaf shine spray, moss poles, shears, watering tools, you name it.

“We don’t have anything like this anywhere around here,” Tabor said. “I would travel to Denver every time I needed something.”

Flower Hound is located at 115 E Second St. #3 in Eagle, and opened its doors to the community on Tuesday. Locals, visitors and the little ones are welcome to visit the store from 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Ash Lohman/Phil Daily

While Flower Hound is poised to be a one-stop shop for plant owners, Tabor said the items available for plant care are not only practical, but stylish, too.

“I worked hard to find elegant pottery,” Tabor said. “All of these products are 3D printed and made from recycled plant materials. So, not only are they sustainable, I mean they’re beautiful to look at.”

Near the “Plant World” inside the Flower Hound, shoppers can see a counter that also serves as a work area for flower arranging, planting, watering and more. Soon, Tabor said, customers will be able to join her around the station for classes. Whether it’s building a terrarium, arranging flowers, or plant care 101, Tabor said she’s excited to invite the community to Flower Hound for some hands-on fun.

Another area of ​​the store is dedicated to flowers and gifts. There, Flower Hound offers fresh arrangements and dried flowers along with cards and unique finds perfect for gifting.

The final section of Flower Hound is dedicated to home decor and a variety of old and new home items such as lamps, rugs, and artwork.

A greenhouse-like structure is located inside the Flower Hound and displays a variety of houseplants that customers can choose from. Common, easy-to-care-for plants are available along with more unique options, Tabor said.
Photo courtesy/Big Tabor

“These are all things that I love and are drawn to, which made it a really natural purchase,” Tabor said. “I think if I’m honest with myself and buy things I love, I hope other people will love them too.”

So far, Tabor said customer response indicates the community is excited for Flower Hound to open its doors — or garage door, rather.

“I love this garage door because people bring their dogs in here and I love that,” Tabor said.

The Flower Hound’s namesake is Ruthie, Tabor’s bloodhound, and she said she was happy that community members were checking out the store with their furry friends.

The community can stay up to date on Flower Hound’s early days on the store’s website And his Instagram.

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