Plants planted in January

Plants planted in January

The beginning of a new year is an exciting time for the gardener. It's the period when many will start making plans for next year – and the good news is that there are plants you can plant in January to get things started well.

Starting seeds indoors as early as January gives plants that have a long growing season a good start, and this can mean longer flowering periods and bumper crops. It also brings with it the satisfaction of getting your hands dirty and starting a new year of gardening. You can also plant in January, which is the ideal time to plant bare-root shrubs and trees in the ground.

In January, heat and light levels often mean that a heated propagator can be useful, although a warm window sill can be enough to start many flowers and plants for a vegetable garden.

Lawns can provide extra warmth to help seeds germinate

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What can I plant in January?

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