Prada seeds: Prada’s fall blooms, quite literally.

The Italian luxury brand celebrates its fall advertising campaign, fronted for the first time by Benedict Cumberbatch alongside Chinese actor Li Qian, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Hunter Schiffer and Letitia Wright, with a real-life activation.

Starting Thursday, a host of flower stalls around the world will be selling Prada-packaged flower seeds. Coming in a silver box emblazoned with the Prada logo, marigold, chrysanthemum and sunflower seeds will be available for purchase at selected locations throughout Milan; London; Paris; New York; Dubai; flood; Hong Kong; Beijing; Shanghai; Chengdu; Guangzhou; Qinhuangdao and Tokyo.

Some vendors include local flower shops such as Orlando Fiore in Milan’s central Piazza della Repubblica and Z Flora in Beijing, while in Tokyo, for example, special seeds can also be purchased at the Prada Aoyama flagship store.

The company said in a statement that the activation aims to “use the process of cultivation and reproduction to spread new flowers around the world – conveying emotions and transferring the intangible concept to physical form.”

As reported, the fall campaign, photographed by Willie Vanderperre, depicts the talent against a dense black background standing against life-sized flowers. It explores “eternal and timeless human values, and universal emotions,” such as beauty, care, and love, while using exploding flowers as a symbol of “beauty between the everyday and the extraordinary.”

A video surrounding the ad campaign, written by Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Hours,” shows each talent in contrasting conversation with the flowers in question.

The activation comes full circle as the brand has created an exclusive filter for use across social media platforms Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and WeChat, consisting of a 3D digital version of flowers for users to replicate campaign images.

This isn’t the first time Prada has taken its campaign concepts on the road.

In 2019, the luxury brand introduced a new way to promote its Resort 2020 advertising campaign as florists in major global cities wrapped fresh flower bouquets in paper sheets bearing the campaign’s images. In 2021, Prada has been in a state of outdoor activity, wrapping the facades of several buildings in Milan, London, New York and Tokyo, among other cities, as well as the Shanghai Wet Market with signature geometric patterns included in the fall 2021. Men’s and Women’s collections. It also collaborated with local bakeries and food markets to sell customized paper bags containing bread, fruits and vegetables.

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