Prince William and Kate Middleton's first look inside their new family garden

Prince William and Kate Middleton's first look inside their new family garden

The Prince and Princess of Wales have been happily living at Adelaide Cottage since September 2022, but they only allowed royal fans a glimpse inside their private garden earlier this year.

A series of photos of Prince Louis have been released to mark his fifth birthday, taken by Millie Pilkington in the grounds of their stunning Windsor estate.

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The young king was sitting in a wheelbarrow while his smiling mother pushed him around the grass. One photo posted last April allowed onlookers to see the extent of the family garden with a wide open expanse of lawn with wild-looking hedges around the perimeter, providing plenty of privacy for the royal family.

Historical painting Details of the garden reveal that it was once a botanical haven, with an outdoor fountain and circular flower beds.

Prince Louis was photographed being pushed in a wheelbarrow by his mother Kate

The Princess of Wales is interested in gardening, and even designed her own garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.. So, we can only assume they are stuck planting and pruning on their own property.

There are several reasons why Welsh people move to the countryside. Initially, it was thought to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly died the same month the family moved.

The family lives near Windsor Castle

Another reason is to get out of London's 'goldfish bowl', giving their children more privacy. Another driving factor may be the proximity to Kate's parents, Mike and Carole, as well as her brother James and sister Pippa.

The family also has access to their former full-time residence, Apartment 1A within Kensington Palace. They tend to use the 20-room property when staying in London on business, and it is thought they could stop there during King Charles' coronation celebrations.

They also have a home for high days and holidays, Anmer Hall in Norfolk. The rustic piercing was a gift to Prince William and Kate from the Queen. The 18th-century house has ten bedrooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

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