Private Florist with Julio Freitas from The Flower Hat

Private Florist with Julio Freitas from The Flower Hat

Instagram is a visual platform, and Julio Freitas, founder of The Flower Hat design studio in Bozeman, Montana, uses it that way. But, judging by the captions he includes with his photos — information about the workshops he's taken, the road trips he's taken, the dahlias that flourish in his fields — he's also a man who understands the power of words and, more importantly, the power that holds flowers. In this florist special, you'll have the opportunity to connect deeply with who Giulio is and what he brings to the world of flowers.

Everything you need to know about Julio Freitas, also known as “Flower Hat”

The Flower Hat is a floral design studio and flower farm in Bozeman, Montana, nestled in the beautiful mountains of the Gallatin Valley. Julio Freitas, the studio's creative director, embraces the seasons to create a loose, natural aesthetic that has graced hundreds of events, including many high-profile and celebrity weddings.

Julio Freitas, known as “Flower Hat”, is a flower designer who started 12 years ago and now has 7 years of experience as a grower

Julio, who previously worked in hotel management, was looking for a more creative outlet and began composing large-scale weekly arrangements for a café in 2011. Flowers gradually crept into his schedule, filling it day after day. Eventually, the decision was made for him, and he immersed himself in the world of floral design, leaving his corporate days behind him. His nickname “The Flower Hat” came from back when Julio started throwing weddings.

Julio Freitas with white chrysanthemums

He shares:

“It's summer, it's hot and you're sweating, and I was wearing these hats with floral patterns on them. At the time we were working under Kurt & Company, which was an interior design brand. When we started the business we added flowers to it, we did it all under an umbrella One, and I had these hats and I used to wear them and brides would always ask me, 'What kind of hat are you going to wear to my wedding?'

Clear View Jonas Dalias with Julio Freitas
Julio Freitas in one of his famous shots with Clearview Jonas Dalias

In an effort to provide his customers with the best flowers, Julio also decided to incorporate a floriculture component into the business operations. He began his growing operations in 1,800 square feet and soon rented the quarter-acre space for a few years, where he was able to grow and harvest thousands of flowers using high-density techniques. These locally grown flowers are truly the treasures that make his designs so stunning.

Flower hat inspirations

Julio begins by saying:

“What I love to do is find inspiration anywhere but Pinterest.”

In fact, if you scroll through his one-of-a-kind creations on Instagram, it's easy to see why his account The Flower Hat has been attracting attention in the past few months. Did you know that Julio's Instagram account is in the top 25 pink Instagram accounts you should follow? Perhaps even more striking than his stunning display of dreamy wedding arrangements on Instagram is his colorful collection of 'full' shots. If you're a flower lover like us, you've probably come across his crazy-beautiful photos that feature massive amounts of blooms, from anemones to roses. It's hard to believe that there could be so many flowers that look so big, but Giulio makes it happen and is happy to share them on social media.

Julio Freitas with a bunch of pink flowers
'Flower Hat' with a cluster of pink flowers including ranunculus and peony

While most florists might choose to showcase their business solely on Instagram, Freitas, 32, intentionally makes himself part of the feed, all while wearing his signature flower hat and smile. And this is paying off. At present, his account has 116,000 followers and he gains nearly 3,000 new followers every month. Overall, the floral designer says about half of business inquiries come from Instagram alone. He now tries to post every day, curating a mix of shots along with his beautiful arrangements.

A colorful collection of dahlia flowers
An example of a colorful floral composition by Julio Freitas

Julio Freitas and the art of growing his own flowers

The Brazilian-born floral designer was always interested in plants and flowers, but he never imagined that his passion would become a full-fledged career. In fact, after graduating from Rocky Mountain College in 2008, his first job was at the Hilton Garden Inn in Billings, Montana. As Julio says, he has a floral design business, but in a couple of years he has also evolved into the floriculture side of the business. They were having some issues with the logistics of shipping flowers to Montana and wanted to bring some flowers that were very difficult to find and ship.

Flower hat in his dahlia field
“Flower Hat” in his dahlia field in Montana

As a result, we were having difficulty sourcing high-quality products such as cosmos, chocolate cosmos, and even dahlias, so we decided to grow our own. And then he sealed another, what he called a division of his business, which shares only the beauties they grow in their garden with customers all over the country through tuber sales. Plant dahlia tubers in the spring, then drop the bulbs in the fall. Freras also mentioned that he sells flower hats every season and then does small workshops in his studio as well.

A colorful display of dahlias and chrysanthemums

Julio also finds space in his schedule to share everything he knows with others through floral design demonstrations as well as presentations on high-density flower growing techniques in his Facebook group The Flower Hat Exchange.

Julio Freitas in one of his workshops
Julio Freitas in one of his flower workshops

Get inspired today and take a look at his super cool shots on his Instagram account and learn more about his workshops and educational resources.

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