Protest: Kano government. He says there is no retreat from firing wheelbarrow dealers in the markets

Protest: Kano government.  He says there is no retreat from firing wheelbarrow dealers in the markets

The Kano State Government has insisted that it will not back down from its decision to sack mobile traders who use wheelbarrows to sell their goods at Abubakar Rimi Market in Sabon Gari, Faji Local Government Area of ​​the state.

Mobile traders, who were forcefully evicted from the market this week, staged a peaceful protest at the state government headquarters on Wednesday, Nigeria Info reports.

The demonstrators, under the auspices of the Barrow Group, claimed that the market management prevented them from working for more than two months, due to unjustified crowding in the market.

The secretary of the group, Abdullahi Nasiru Dauda, ​​told our correspondent that they were at the government headquarters to request the intervention of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf after exhausting all measures to resolve the issue without any progress.

However, the chief security officer directed them to the Government House to submit their complaint in writing and follow due process.

“We followed all due process, including going to the general manager’s office individually to find out why they wanted to leave the market, but we did not reach any good result,” Dawda said.

“That is why we want Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf to help us because for almost three months, we cannot sell and our members who are taking care of their fathers, wives and children, we cannot go and steal,” he added.

Wheelbarrow dealers protest

The group, which claimed to have been operating in the market for more than 20 years, placed the responsibility for reducing crowding in the market on some shop owners who love to display their goods on the walkway.

“We don’t crowd the market. Many shop owners put their goods outside the shops. We used to walk around the market, or park the wheelbarrows near someone’s shop.”

The group also said that over the years, the previous managing directors of the market never fired them, but warned them to abide by the set rules and regulations.

They alleged that the General Manager, who is also a shop owner, was threatened by their activities, adding that their refusal to pay an operational tax of about 1,500 naira daily instead of the 70 naira collected previously, contributed to the rift.

“We were paying N20 entry fee and N50 as operating fee before, but now, we pay N1000 to N1500. They started confiscating our wheelbarrows when we did not pay the fee,” he alleged.

But when I called on Thursday, the Hon. Misahu Abdullahi, Senior Special Assistant to Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf at Abubakar Rimi Market, insisted that the market management would not reconsider Baru traders despite their protest.

trumpet. Misbah Abdullah

presence. Misbah Abdullahi, who spoke through Aminu Salisu, Secretary of the Market Congestion Committee, attributed the forced eviction of rickshaw traders to their non-compliance with several notices in the past two months.

“For more than two months, we walked around the market using public address systems to warn them not to cause crowding, but they did not listen, which is why we chased them,” Abdullah said.

Abdullah said that overcrowding exacerbated theft issues in the market.

But he explained that traders are not prohibited from selling in the market, but they must not use wheelbarrows to maintain order.

Therefore, he suggested to the affected traders either to sell by hand or to look for space next to the shops inside the market buildings.

Meanwhile, some traders in Abu Bakr Al-Rimi Market expressed mixed reactions to traders being banned from using wheelbarrows due to allegations of overcrowding.

Nigeria Info visited the market on Thursday and noted the absence of many affected mobile traders as the lane was slightly decongested.

One of the sellers who refused to leave mobile phone merchants also claimed that the dispute over the increase in fees contributed to their exit.

“They fired them because they (mobile phone dealers) refused to give them (management) money again because things are too high.” I spoke.

However, another vendor agreed that the operations of the cart pushers caused congestion, but urged the leadership to create a designated space for them to stay.

“Truck drivers should be warned because sometimes they block the road. It is better to provide space for them to stay.

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