Quick Revive – My method makes my wilting houseplants revive in 15 minutes – it’s free and works like a charm

Quick Revive – My method makes my wilting houseplants revive in 15 minutes – it’s free and works like a charm

A GARDEN fan has shared her surprisingly effective and quick method for rehabilitating wilting houseplants.

Her quick revive trick revitalizes them in just 15 minutes.


TikTok user Garden Gal Danielle shared her advice on wilting houseplantsCredit: TikTok/gardengaldanielle
It's free to hack and works like a charm


It’s free to hack and works like a charmCredit: TikTok/gardengaldanielle

It’s like watching nature at work in this post, and even better, this plant tip is free and works like a charm.

The idea came from TikTok user Garden Gal Danielle (@gardengaldanielle).

She swears you don’t need green fingers to make your garden a success.

Anyone with drooping, sad-looking houseplants should listen up because this great tip can bring them back to life.

Signs of a thirsty potted plant

Pick up your plant. If it feels light and its leaves fall, it needs a drink.

Place it in a small bowl with water and leave it for 15 minutes.

The plant will visibly rebound as it consumes the amount of water it needs.

Viewers on TikTok were certainly impressed, with one commenting that her “jaw dropped” when she saw him in action.

Another wrote: “The leaves are so satisfying omg,” while a third said: “I do this for all my plants.”

Another joked that it reminded her of something: “Real shots of me in a bubble bath.”

I’m a heavy metal gardener and converted my garden using a no-dig method – the naysayers were wrong, no weeds

But there are other ways to keep houseplants healthy, fed and well watered.

The Stem shared some tips for encouraging good plant health.

Moisturize the plant

Always water from the bottom. This prevents overwatering, which can cause just as much damage as not watering enough.

Misting is also great for plant humidity, and is especially important for tropical plants.

Our centrally heated homes can create a dry environment and this is not ideal for these exotic plants.

So spraying them once a week will keep them healthier for longer.

Easy gardening tips to save money, increase space, and repel pests

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  1. Banana peels, vinegar, and coffee grounds are often recommended as natural fertilizers.
  2. Dollar Tree sells four packets of seeds for $1.25.
  3. Try a vertical planter like Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Planter from Amazon, $35 to make more use of a small space.
  4. Use netting like the Garden Netting Pest Barrier, $8, from Amazon to keep out insects that eat your vegetables.
  5. Try growing sacrificial animals to reduce pesticide use and keep pests out of your garden. Intentionally planting certain plants to attract agricultural pests can keep them away from the plants you want to protect. Examples include marigold, lavender, catnip, and chives.
  6. For pesky weeds in your garden, Grampa’s Weeder – The Original Long-Handled Weed Puller, $45, from Amazon is a handy tool you can use without having to bend over.

Babysitter plant pot

Plants need regular watering but what happens when you’re away?

Unless you have a neighbor who wants to visit you regularly, you must find a solution.

This is where irrigation lights come in handy.

Water is stored at the top of the bulb and slowly flows downward, keeping the plant moist.

Keep pests away

Pest infestation is always a risk to plants, even indoor ones.

But there are ways to protect them by scattering crushed eggshells and sea shells around the base of the plant.

It can help fight mites and mosquitoes.

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