Red Passion Lilies in Disney's Dreamlight Valley Explained

Red Passion Lilies in Disney's Dreamlight Valley Explained

Everything new Disney's Dreamlight Valley The update delivers a ton of exciting content that expands the already huge game even further. The Disney game is still in Early Access and won't be officially released until later this year, but another huge expansion has recently been brought in the king lion For the game with the Pride of the Valley update. While the patch has introduced exciting new content for players to enjoy, there are some bugs as well, including one that turns all Passion Lilies' colors red.

Compared to some of the other updates that have happened, this one seems particularly packed with content that it features the king lion Realm, Simba and Nala, the complete Disney Parks Star Path with physical rides, the hover ability, new Dream modes for Goofy and Donald Duck, colorful RGB Twitch drops, and many more small additions as well as bug fixes.

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Game updates are always exciting, but they also tend to introduce confusing changes and frustrating bugs. It is often difficult for players to know which of the two they are dealing with as is the case with Red Passion Lily in Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

Why are all passion lilies red? Disney's Dreamlight Valley?

Since the launch of the Pride of the Valley update, players have been reporting all of the Passion Lilies lying around Disney's Dreamlight Valley It turned red. This includes those that appear in the Frosted Heights biome and any others players may have placed elsewhere.

This is a new bug that seems to affect everyone. Errors that appear on the surface Disney's Dreamlight Valley Normally this glitch doesn't affect everyone, but so far it seems like this glitch is affecting every player on every platform.

Although this bug is frustrating, players can thankfully still determine the actual color of any Passion Lily flower by picking it. Although they all appear red when you pick them up, they will be their true color in your inventory.

There is currently no timeline for when players can expect this bug to be fixed. This bug exists on the Gameloft official Disney's Dreamlight Valley Trello board but it's still only in the “Aware of Issue” category.

Since this bug is still in this category, Gameloft has not started working on it yet. Once the company does this, it will be moved to the “actively working on reform” category. Once it's officially fixed, it will be moved to the “Fixed” category.

Since this issue still has a few stages to go before it is fixed and released to players, this bug may be a nuisance for some time. For now, players should remember that they can still discover the true color of any Passion Lily flower by hovering over it in their inventory.

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