Road races and classes feature people and life stories

Race to the Top – Road races are like classroom and sports teams. Everyone has a backstory to tell, but no one has the moment of revelation and reconciliation that Dr. Phil embodies. I know that as a teacher and coach, I have always been interested in the personal histories of students and athletes to show them that I truly care about who they are, and I have had the honor of sharing their world and perhaps helping them on their journey. How many stories were there at the starting line on Saturday for Ronald McDonald House? I spoke to a grandfather who lost his grandson to cancer 13 years ago. He was a cruel man but he cried when he told the story. He had a lot of family members in the race, some as young as 13; They move on but they don’t forget. The other side is the broken families that roam the same area code but do nothing to support each other. This is a special kind of sadness.

Fanboys – I’m a fan of the 2023 Baltimore Orioles but not an Orioles fan. I’m also a Dallas Cowboys fan but never a Cowboys fan. I would apply the same logic to the Boston Celtics. I appreciate them when they’re good and doubly so when the Cowboys and Celtics are bad, but I’ve never had any hard feelings toward the Orioles. And I’m not trying to make any sense – just ask anyone who has tried to teach me or invite me to the Service Club. When talking about young male cheerleaders at girls’ volleyball and floor hockey games, it’s okay to be enthusiastic while cheering loudly, but you shouldn’t sound like a wounded animal from the deep woods while taunting the officials and visiting players. I agree with the observation that accomplished athletes who have experienced the discipline it takes to be on a team do not receive bad comments from the bleachers.

Chairman – I walked into the Cape football coaches office 10 minutes after a 56-0 win over Delcastle on September 15. They were all sitting on metal folding chairs and looking seriously at the match while talking about the training plans leading up to the match. Next game is at Lake Forest. “You’re all being recorded, so carry on as if I wasn’t here,” she interjected into the stagnant air. A coach got up and gave me his chair; It wasn’t my son Jack or my nephew Mike, it was my friend Dwight (Tingle). Coach Dwight and I walked back, sharing the sanctuary of the locker room after the game. Sad and steady, win or lose, that’s how good coaches handle it.

Excerpts – Tuesday, September 19 It’s Cape Day against the Polytech Panthers. Field hockey plays undefeated Poly, 3-0, at 4 p.m. on Bermuda grass. Cape volleyball will host Poly (1-2) at 5:15 while football will host the 4-0 Panthers at 6:30. Salisbury University football lost to Johns Hopkins 42-7. The Gulls’ only touchdown was scored on a long pass to Jaden Davis, who rushed for 145 yards on 17 carries. The academic profile of a typical Johns Hopkins University student graduating from high school is a 3.9 GPA and a 1450 SAT score. The question is: “Where do they find these people who expect to pay $80,000 a year, since DIII schools don’t offer athletic scholarships?” Middle school sports start this week. If you are a grandparent, be prepared to bring a comfortable chair and a note for your grandchild to sign, giving you credit for attending. Football and track athlete Morky James has committed to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia in the Sun Belt Football Conference. Katie Coleman ran 25:21 for the 6K, at a 6:48 mile pace, for the University of Delaware at the Virginia Tech Invitational. Lehigh University cross country defeated Lafayette 18-41. Ryan Baker ran 25:35 for 8 kilometers (about 5 miles), finishing in the top 10 for his team. The winning time was 24:52. Launch angle, a term that describes a baseball coming off the bat, can also apply to batters launching themselves into an offense that has the ball. “No fear” is the footballer’s motto. The other side is that “hesitation will hurt you.” While watching all the games Sunday afternoon on Red Zone, I just wondered, “Why are NFL players so excited?” The players union talks about safety concerns but let’s also discuss human aggression committed by big, strong, fast people. I suffered a concussion in 1965 while playing with Temple, then went to the sidelines and broke into a medley of four songs including “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” and “Bernadette”; You just know this isn’t good for you. Now keep going, Jett!

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