Saturday Morning Garden Blog – Volume 19.44: A Plant That Doesn’t Need Water or Light for 50 Years!

Saturday Morning Garden Blog – Volume 19.44: A Plant That Doesn’t Need Water or Light for 50 Years!

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Morning Garden blog!

As regulars here know, I rescue up to three or four amaryllis bulbs each year from thrift stores. So it is not unusual for me to also rescue other types of plants including some water lilies last summer. I was recently at a Goodwill thrift store and noticed this strange box asking me to take it home.

Resurrection plant

Evergreens that keep coming back to life!

The eternal symbol of hope and rebirth!

Bring home a living piece of history!

Resurrection plant. This old plant will come back to life in less than a day. Throughout history, these highly adaptable plants have been dried out and blown by the wind until they reach water. Then they quickly open and drink the water until it runs out.

Your resurrection plant can dry out and survive without light or water for up to 50 years!

I quickly Googled Resurrection Plant to see if this was true or if it was some kind of joke. I was surprised to learn that this is true and They can live for up to 200 to 250 years! Its botanical name is Selaginella Lepidophylla, also called false rose of Jericho, and it is a species of desert plant in the spike moss family. To learn more, here is the Wikipedia link.

I had never heard of this plant before except for… $2How could I refuse!

So, last week, I opened the box and removed the dried resurrection plant, the display pot, and a bag of New Mexico lava rocks. I rinsed all three well in the bathroom sink.

I placed the clear plastic pot on a plate, lined up the lava rocks in a circle, placed the plant in the middle with the roots facing down, and filled the pot with water. Well, let’s see what happens!

After about one hour! Back off Ida Dolores because the miracle is already happening!

This is the plant after about eight hours.

The next morning, Ida Dee and I rushed downstairs to take a look. If you watch closely, you can see that all the middle fronds have opened up and taken on a slightly more green colour. (Also known as Resurrection Fern)

And lest you think I used green dye on the plant that runs across the canvas like Giuliani’s hair dye dripping down his face, these paintings were purchased a decade ago on sale at Anthropologie.

I took the plant outside to try to show how green it is. It is difficult to pick but has a dark greenish-brown colour. I really like the color.

So here is my experience with the resurrection plant.

Attribution: Wikipedia

Here are some interesting facts and uses of the plant including as a tea, good luck charm, and even voodoo rituals

The plant’s ability to withstand severe drought was noticed by Spanish missionaries when they arrived in the New World, including the region that became the United States. Use missionaries S. lepidophila To explain the concept of rebirth to potential indigenous converts and persuade them to renounce their original religious beliefs and traditions. Because of its properties, the plant was considered a good luck charm and was passed down between families from generation to generation.

Selaginella lepidophila It has been used as a herbal medicine. This infusion is made by soaking a tablespoon of the dried material in hot water, and the resulting tea is used to treat colds and sore throats.

in mexico, S. lepidophila It is sold as a diuretic. Women drink the water in which the plant is soaked to facilitate childbirth. The speed at which a plant thrives in water is interpreted as an indication of whether childbirth will be easy or difficult.

The plant is also used in Cuban Voodoo and Santeria rituals to invoke love and fortune. The plant is said to absorb “negative energy” when applied to the body.

Okay, let’s try the opposite now and dry it. I took it out of the water and turned it over so you could see its roots

Below after five days without water. I have since revived it and will continue it for several months before starting again because sometimes they need a break.

You can search for this plant on Google and see it for sale for anywhere from $2.95 to $19.99 from Amazon to Etsy

Very interesting video about African resurrection plants.

As mentioned above, these plants are considered good luck charms and have been passed down in families from generations to generations. Since I was always worried if something happened to me, who would take care of my pets and even one of my plants which is now almost fifty years old. Now add to this my resurrection plant. It can be dried and passed on to several future generations.

I’ll let him live next to the shrimp, Charlene. I get excited when I tell new dinner guests that I have a four-year-old pet in the room and watch their reactions as they look around. Now I can add the story of a resurrection plant saved from a thrift store. I’ll name him Johnny and start adding him to the family names GUG, P, Ida Dolores, Charlene and Johnny. I swear I wasn’t involved in anything! (At least not this morning!)

Johnny in his new home next to Charlene. (Charlene is circled in red)

So what’s going on in your garden and your world today? Share please.

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