Selwood Riverfront Park – Quest.

Selwood Riverfront Park – Quest.

A short distance from Reed, in the quaint Sellwood neighborhood, is Sellwood Riverfront Park, on the banks of the Willamette River. The roughly eight-acre park consists of a large lawn, as well as trails along the river at the beach, all filled with people walking dogs. The park is also located near Oaks Amusement Park, where the bright colors of the rides pop above the tree-lined beaches. Sellwood itself is a great destination, with vibrant restaurants, making this park a great stop on a longer trip away from the Reed campus, while getting a glimpse into local life in Portland, as it’s a favorite in the community.

Sellwood Riverfront Park is open from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily and, according to, includes “an accessible restroom, picnic table, boat dock, river views, off-leash area for dogs,” and paved and unpaved trails. The garden also has multiple benches, and at the water’s edge, some cozy logs provide seating to enjoy the view. The garden is a great way to feel completely disconnected from Reed, while still being close to him. Its open nature combined with the stunning view of the river creates a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere. While walking around may be rejuvenating, sitting or standing just to observe the water and the beautiful plants and buildings that can be seen around the river is a wonderful experience in itself. According to the Outdoor Project website, it’s also a great place to swim, although it’s too cold this time of year for most people. Alternatively, the autumn leaves that can be seen coloring the landscape across the river are a stunning addition.

Located just over two miles from campus, the trip can take about an hour, but the 19 bus takes up some of that time, and in a car, it’s only an eight-minute drive. The park is a great place for some thoughtful reflection, as a moment of quiet tucked away in a larger trip to the pleasant neighborhood of Sellwood, or to the amusement park currently open on weekend evenings. It’s a destination in itself but with stunning views of the Willamette River; The perspective of sitting on the park’s quiet beaches is very different from looking out over one of Portland’s many busy bridges. To learn more about the park, visit its section on the parks website. So, get out and touch the grass at Sellwood Riverfront Park!

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