The Seme Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NS) said it generated a total revenue of N1,904,459,390.77 between January 23 and September 8, 2023, representing 97.2% of the allocated target of N1,960,000,000 for the year.

This shows an increase of 51.98% over the N885,543,098.11 made in the corresponding period of 2022.

Command Area Controller, Nadi Dera, disclosed this while briefing journalists in Lagos on Friday, where he showcased several notable seizures, including seizures of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in excess of one tanker load, which were intercepted.

“The revenue target for the command for 2023 is only N1,960,000,000.00. As of September 8, 2023, the command has collected N1,904,459,390.78 only. This represents 97.2% of the allocated target for 2023 of N1,960,000,000.

“In the corresponding period under review of 2022, revenue amounted to N885,543,000.098.11

“The implication is that the driving revenue profile saw a massive increase of N1,018,916,292.33 (51.98%).”

“Regarding the anti-smuggling operation, you are already aware of our previous major seizures (six million fake US dollars, equivalent to 2.7 billion naira).

“This is in addition to other notable seizures recorded between January and August 2023 and listed as follows: 6,500 50kg bags of rice, equivalent to sixteen trailer loads of foreign parboiled rice with a customs duty value of N312,242,064.93 thousand naira; 13,835 x 30 liter jerrycans. Luxury, equivalent to 415,050 liters or 13 oil tankers with a paid duty value of 738,276,461 thousand, and 15,389 general cargo.

Hard and narcotic drugs are: 41 packages of cannabis. 4900 225 mg Tramadol Tamol-X tablets; 3600 tablets 225 mg Tramadol Royal; 225,157 tablets of Heineken ecstasy; And 864 packs of cigarettes.

“In the same vein, officers and men of the command, acting on reliable intelligence, intercepted 1,364 30-litre jerrycans of premium motor spirit, equivalent to 40,800 liters on one tanker load and with a duty value (DPV) of N24,663, 355 only, in The early hours of Friday, September 8, 2023 along the Badagry coast

“The DPV of the items seized for the period from January to September 8, 2023 is N1, 827, 362, 619.00.

“In addition to the above, and in line with NCS instructions to encourage its personnel, officers and men of the command who participated in the seizure of counterfeit currency worth $6,000,000, 15 counterfeit international passports, 10 driver’s licenses, and donkey skins. In January 2023, he commended On it Ag. said the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi.

The Head of Seme Customs expressed his appreciation to the Comptroller General of Customs for his support to the command, to the Seme Badagry community for their cooperation, and to the officers and men of the command for their courage and patriotism.

By: Nkpemini McDominic, Lagos

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