September is ideal for planting salvia

September is ideal for planting salvia

Last spring, I purchased a perennial blue sage plant that has turned out to be a great attractant for bees and wasps. She seems very happy that she almost took control of the border. I want to make sure I have this in my garden again next year. Should I simply cut it back or try moving the whole thing to another part of the yard? Is this the right time to do this?

The UF Gardening Almanac ( says that in Northeast Florida we should divide and replant perennials and bulbs in September. But as a friend once told me, plants don't keep calendars, only gardeners do.

Whether it's a herbaceous plant (a plant that dies to the ground each year but whose roots survive and send up new growth the following year) or a woody evergreen plant (much like what it sounds like, with stems covered in bark) the process of transplanting is the same.

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