Brummies have always enjoyed letting our hair down and having a day out. The Classics today were exactly the same as they were last year, with Lickeys, Cannon Hill Park and Sutton Park as well as all the other open spaces in the city, becoming firm favourites.

The tram will stop at Rednal next to the circle outside the Old Hare and Hounds and queues of townspeople will take the tram home. Remnants of the old circuit still exist today, and some of Broome’s last tram tracks are still visible by the Cantonese restaurant in the middle.

Cannon Hill Park is another favorite as the Tulip Festival was popular with locals visiting during the 1950s and 1960s. The idea was to give a taste of Holland to the second city.

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Cannon Hill Park, 1948.

(Photo: Birmingham Post and Mail)

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Queues for buses on a Sunday afternoon from Rednal, 1967.

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Sandwell Valley Farm 1988.

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Adams Hill in Clint in the early 1900s.

(Image: Beam)

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Lekki in 1966.

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Enjoying the Lekki Hills in 1969.

(Photo: Baham Post and Mail)

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People enjoying the sunshine in Lekki Hills in 1935.

(Photo: Baham Post and Mail)

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Rednal’s famous circular tram stop, known to thousands of Brummies residents, 1981.

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Lekki Hills in 1966

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Handsworth Park Boatyard, 1960.

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Handsworth Park.

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All the fun of the show at Sutton Park in 1973.

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Children playing on paddle boats in Sutton Park.

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Children enjoy riding donkeys in Sutton Park.

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Sentinels’ Pond in Sutton Park in 1938.

(Photo: Birmingham Post and Mail)

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Families enjoy a day at the boating lake at Drayton Manor Park in the 1960s

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Tulip Express Hotel next to the Golden Lion in Cannon Hill Park.

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The paddling pool at Cannon Hill Park on a hot bank holiday in 1955.

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An aerial view shows the start of the balloon race at Cannon Hill Park that launched the city’s first International Spring Festival. May 18, 1970.

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22 out of 30(Photo: Birmingham Post and Mail)
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(Victoria Park in Small Heath).

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The paddling pool at Small Heath Park in 1967.

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Ward End Park in 1952.

(Photo: Birmingham Post and Mail)

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The Old Golden Lion at Cannon Hill Park, 1965.

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Whitsun Bank Holiday at Broughton Park, Solihull, 1956.

(Image: Mirrorpix)