Spring fling: BHG editors’ top tips for updating your home

Spring decorating tips

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“I’m renovating my apartment this spring by focusing on the small details. I’m decluttering my countertops and organizing my cabinets to create a calm atmosphere that welcomes the new season. I’m also adding some spring flowers to bring a touch of nature’s beauty indoors.

—Tierne Blackwell, digital content producer

“Spring is all about harnessing the senses, from lighting a floral-scented candle to taking a bite of sweet, juicy mango. That’s why I love swapping out my rugs in the new season for a soft, cozy feel under my feet.

“For a complete makeover, spruce up your living room with a new rug. Choices Flooring’s Windsor wool collection is made from natural fibers and comes in a range of beautiful, pastel colors perfect for the new season. Plus, wool’s sound absorption means it’s super quiet underfoot for great reading enjoyment Quiet afternoon on the couch.

—Kayla Wharton, senior trade editor

Update new carpets in the spring

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“When it comes to seasonal updating, I’m very particular about shopping in my home. Basically, it’s taking items you already own to revitalize your home and redesign it without spending a single dollar. It allows me to try items in new ways, too, like using a stack of books or magazines as a side table Or a small chair as a table.

“Switch Pillows and cushions They’re a simple seasonal swap that I love, and since I have a lot of them in my house, I can easily move them from the sofa to the bed to give a room a new look. Try moving a rug from one place to another or switching out your plants These simple swaps can really change the look of a space.

—Delicia Smith, senior trade editor

Spring cleaning tips

Give your skirting boards a once-over in the spring. The secret to dust-free panels? dry paper! They help repel dust. Just give it a quick wipe every few months to prevent buildup.

—Rebecca Laurie Boyd, digital editorial director

Spring decorating ideas

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“There’s no better time to audit your wardrobe than the beginning of spring. What haven’t you worn this winter? What pieces can you donate or sell? Where did your top favorite go? Oh, there it is, scratched at the back of a shelf.”

“By reorganizing and rediscovering key pieces—while separating from those you’re no longer married to—you’ll free up space and foster a sense of order. Put on a feel-good playlist, and you’ll be ready to do the auditing.

—Jessica J. Lynch, senior digital content producer

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