Spurious Spy is now running RFK, Jr.’s campaign

Spurious Spy is now running RFK, Jr.’s campaign


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign for president is now being run by his daughter-in-law, who happens to be a former CIA employee—the same agency that RFK Jr. believes played a role in the 1963 murder of his uncle, the 35th president, and his father.

Amaryllis Fox Kennedy says she worked as a secret CIA agent where she was tasked with keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. As with everything else in the RFK Jr. world, Filled with conspiracy, including the career of the CIA’s new campaign manager, Nothing is as It Seems.

Amaryllis Fox Kennedy (Stern photo)

the campaign Announce It was announced Friday that Kennedy Foxx will replace his outgoing campaign manager, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich. “Amaryllis is a woman of exceptional intelligence and strength and I am confident she will take this campaign to the next level,” RFK Jr. said in a statement.

secret life, Fox Kennedy’s 2019 memoir of her CIA career is mostly a work of fiction, several former CIA officers say Spytalk. “I’m reading the book. It’s BS,” says John Seaver, who spent 30 years at the agency.

“I know the memos were greatly exaggerated…,” says James Lawler, the legendary CIA operations officer credited with eliminating the nuclear black market for Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. says CIA veteran Robert Baer Secret life It is “Joyce’s dream world.”

One of the people who worked in the small, close-knit unit tracking weapons of mass destruction at the agency’s Counterterrorism Center around the same time Kennedy Fox says she was there never saw her or even heard her name mentioned, which is another sign that Secret life It is imagination.

For seasoned spies, the tales Fox-Kennedy tells in her book — such as a one-on-one meeting in Karachi, Pakistan, where she prevailed over a “terrified, battle-hardened jihadist” by pulling a cure for childhood asthma from her purse — are about as believable as they come. RFK Jr. claims that chemicals in the water supply are causing sexual dysfunction among children.

“You can’t walk around Karachi alone,” says William Murray, a former CIA operations official. “You’ll end up in a warlord’s harem, or you’ll end up dead.”

Fox Kennedy and the Kennedy campaign did not respond to messages left seeking comment. In the past, Fox Kennedy has pointed out a disclaimer in the book that “operational details” have been changed to protect intelligence sources and methods.

The book was aroused by controversy from the beginning.

Wrap the censors

central Intelligence Agency It said The manuscript was not approved for Secret life Before Fox Kennedy sent it to her publisher, Knopf Doubleday. The CIA takes seriously the obligation of all employees to obtain agency approval before deployment, and the agency has taken several former employees to court over their failure to clear their books early. It is strange that in the case of Fox Kennedy nothing happened.

Was the book so full of fantasy that the CIA just threw up its hands? Was her entire CIA career made up? Did the agency drop the ball? The CIA did not respond to a message left seeking comment.

Fox Kennedy worked for the CIA, says Mark Zaid, the lawyer she hired when her book came out. But the privacy of the lawyer and his client prevented him from saying anything else.

Finding a former CIA colleague she remembered wasn’t easy either. Lawler, the retired head of the Counterproliferation Division’s Special Activities Unit, noted that Fox Kennedy took courses to recruit WMD scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 14 years ago.

“How could I forget someone named Amaryllis?” He told SpyTalk.

Fox was “NOC” Kennedy, one of the agency’s agents operating under “unofficial cover.” NOCs operate abroad as private individuals with no apparent connection to a government agency or U.S. embassy, ​​making them vulnerable to being caught spying. Fox Kennedy says she posed as an art dealer, a cover she claims the agency let her choose.

Amaryllis Fox and RFK III at their wedding in 2018 (Pinterest)

The identities of NOC operatives are among the CIA’s deepest secrets. “If it was a national oil company, they might not feel comfortable acknowledging their relationship with the CIA,” Gil Hilt, a former CIA analyst, told SpyTalk. “If her confidential status had never been lifted, they may not have been comfortable approving her book.” Once again, the CIA takes a risk when it prosecutes former officers who do not disclose secrets, because the agency would have to reveal classified information in court to prove its case.

The CIA filed a lawsuit against another national oil company that published a book in 2008, Human factor, without prior approval of the agency’s advance publication review board. The author, who writes under the pseudonym Ishmael Jones, was forced to confiscate all royalties from the book.

“If Fox Kennedy was really a CIA operative at the national oil company, her failure to obtain clearance is a troubling sign,” says Frank Snipe, a former CIA analyst and Vietnam investigator. “So too is the CIA’s apparent indifference.” “By violating it.”

Snape book 1977, Decent break, It sets a precedent for all censorship to come. The CIA sued Snape on the grounds that he had violated his employee contract by publishing the manuscript without prior approval. The Supreme Court upheld the agency’s complaint and ordered SNAP to forfeit royalties from the book.

As John Bolton discovered, there is little official tolerance even for scoffers of privilege. “Every time the government gives permission to an uncredited author, it weakens its legal case and political arguments for pre-publication review in the first place,” Sneap says. “Selective enforcement is one of the strongest legal arguments against it.”

Presidential candidates rightfully hate having one of their staff members become the subject of negative attention, let alone ridicule. RFK Jr.’s new campaign manager fabricated parts of her CIA career, then broke rules about protecting classified information, adding more questions about his independent and fictional candidacy. For the man who sees the invisible hand The deep state is everywhere, Although it would probably be valuable – at least to his fans.

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