Spy x Family fans can go on an actual themed cruise ship

Spy x Family fans can go on an actual themed cruise ship

Shipping company Tokai Kisen decorates one of its passenger ships Spy × Family– Themed decoration as a treat for fans who are passionate about role-playing in the anime story “Cruise Adventure”.

Japanese shipping company Tokai Kisen announced that passengers of its ship Salvia Maru will receive special treatment from November 25 to February 25, 2024, explaining that the ship will display decorations inspired by… Spy × Family Commercial franchise. Each Tokyo Bay Night View Cruise also comes with a new ticket, participation code, and… Spy × Family Mifune seal. Fans will have the opportunity to play out the anime’s “Cruise Adventure” story during the themed tour, which departs on weekend evenings from Yokohama on scenic routes between Tokyo Takeshiba and the Tokyo Islands. More collaborative merchandise will be announced, to be sold on board and on Shimapochi’s online shopping site.

Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man editor suddenly hospitalized after brain hemorrhage

The themed cruise is proof of that Spy × FamilyA strong following even outside of the franchise’s fan base. It has received critical acclaim in a short period, taking home Best Comedy and Best New Series of 2023 at the 7th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Tatsuya Endo’s manga now has 30 million copies in circulation since its launch in 2019 Weekly Shonen Jump, Aside from animation, it has since inspired fashion trends, home goods and new goods. Its main characters have also become icons in their own right, with Anya Forger and Becky Blackbill sporting winter ensembles appearing on the cover of the Japanese magazine. grandfather.

A quirky spy anime for fans of the shounen series

the Spy × Family The anime series is now in its second season, offering a consistent balance of witty humor and excitement that develops the beloved arcs of the Forger family from the first season. Fans are waiting too Spy x Family Code: White, which will premiere in theaters on December 22. The film adaptation is described as containing the same outlandish humor as the series: “During a family trip on the train, Anya discovers a suspicious box bag. For some reason there was chocolate… As she looked curiously, the owner of the box returned, startling Anya and causing her to swallow the chocolate by Wrong… However, that chocolate contains a very important secret that could shake the foundations of world peace-!?”

Spy x Family unveils their ultra-chic tea and home goods range

Nintendo also announced that it will be releasing a game Spy × Family The life simulation video game is coming to Switch next year. Titled Spy X Anya: Operation Memories, the sub-game allows players to experience the daily life of Anya Forger in between her adventurous adventures. The game is likely to be received positively among fans, based on an evolving franchise that has since become beloved by young and old alike.

Spy × Family Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Source: Tokai Kisen website, X (formerly Twitter)

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