Starfield tried to kill me over a cardboard box

shooting StarfieldI was prepared for a lot of things. I was expecting NPCs to spit out information as I passed, so much so that I had five missions before I actually talked to anyone. I also thought I was going to fall through the surface of one or two planets. But I never expected that Starfield He’ll try to kill me for picking up a discarded cardboard box.

Admittedly I had nefarious intentions, although it is impossible that the security forces, who descended on me en masse, would have known about this. It all started when I discovered that the bucket trick wasn’t working Starfield As it was in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

If you haven’t experienced the absolute, absurd joy Skyrim Shoplifting dodge, I’ll explain. You can hold down the activation key to manipulate items (without adding them to your inventory) and place them above the heads of shopkeepers. This blocks their vision and allows you to literally steal them blind.

After trying this on Starfield And I failed miserably, irrationally deciding that my choice of vessel was wrong. It wasn’t that Bethesda got wise and granted X-Ray vision to NPCs, it was that I shoved the wrong item into this shop owner’s head.

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So, take a walk around The Well (the underground trading area of ​​New Atlantis). Starfield), I spotted a cardboard box next to the dumpster. I gently lifted him into the air, and all hell broke loose.

I can’t remember what set me off first, whether it was the screaming or the fact that everyone, except one noticeably cold man, started running around like headless chickens. I had thought about the reapers of Mass effect has just appeared.

I was still staring at the chaos when the United Colonies’ security forces showed up. I didn’t get much of a “Whoa there you criminal scum!” Before they start detonating.

My immediate and somewhat stupid reaction was to hold the cardboard box and try to use it as a shield. Hiding behind a dumpster didn’t help, so after trying and largely failing to shoot the attackers, I resorted to running around randomly.

Maybe I had the opportunity to blend in with the crowd that was fleeing the style of Yakitti sax. To no one’s surprise, it did not end well, and she died due to the heinous crime of touching an empty cardboard box.

In a parallel play, I murdered the inhabitants of a merchant ship with an ax and received a polite salvo inviting me to pay a fine. but this? Judge Dredd would have refused to kill me over a cardboard box, too. Life can be cheap Starfield, but it seems that the corrugated cardboard box is not. Maybe united colonies are too hard or recyclable.

That’s my best guess in the universe, at least. But in practice, it smacks of overzealousness on Bethesda’s part. The difference, as I eventually discovered, is between Starfield And SkyrimThe manipulation of the object is that the latter does not care who owns the object.

People will complain if you start waving things around, but it’s not a crime. If you put something in a pocket, sure. As long as you place an item afterwards, no swords will be drawn, however Starfield Tampering with objects is considered theft.

The residents of Starfield flee

If someone has something and you lift it an inch, it’s a crime, and the game drops the hammer. My theory is that Bethesda was fully aware of all the Bucket-related thefts going on Skyrim This was their attempt to fix it.

Maybe they took things one step too small; Hence the hail of bullets. in StarfieldIn my eyes, I was just as guilty as if I had raided the GalBank branch in New Atlantis. Exaggeration doesn’t begin to cover it.

However, now that I’m done with time… maybe it’s time to quit? I wonder if the replacement guy is still around? Seems like it would be good in a host crisis situation.

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