Sydney’s most isolated beach completely disappears at high tide

Apart from the crystal Clear water In every shade of blue and Sandy beachesSydney’s beaches also have some fun secrets. Some of them are hiding in crowded parts of the city on their own Underwater nature trailssome have Private waterfalls Some simply cease to exist at certain times of the year. We’re talking about one of Sydney’s most popular Secluded beachesa little spot off He spat at Manley Walking path. The sand is completely washed out from time to time, usually after a storm or high tide, hence the name given to it. Washaway Beach. When that doesn’t happen, it’s Beach A – 200 meters of sand With beautiful views, Aboriginal art On the road and low days in the sun.

Washaway Beach, Sydney.

Image source: Sydney Dictionary

Despite being located in one of the most beautiful places in Sydney Popular walking trailsThe beach remains one of the most beautiful in the city Isolated spots And the perfect place to get off the grid. There is a high probability that you may get it all to yourself. Every now and then, the sand washes away completely to reveal the place Sheetrock Under it. So, if you’re looking for a place to sunbathe or soak up the sun, you may have to do so on the rock platforms. The sand slowly returns when conditions calm. The rugged and beautiful Washaway Beach offers excellent views along the way Balmoral And the ferries Heading to and from Manly.

How to get to Washaway Beach

this Hidden spot It is not easy to find even though it is located in Central Sydney But it’s definitely worth the adventure.

The easiest way to get to Washaway Beach is the wonderful one Spit on manly walk On the east side of Cave point. Alternatively, you can park your car Cutler Road And walk on Lighthouse path. On the way, you can also discover some things Aboriginal petroglyphs. You’ll have to navigate bush paths and steep drops down rocks at the north end of the beach, so wear your most comfortable shoes. Due to its location, it is not recommended for children. The best time to visit the beach is during low tide. You can check the tides in Sydney here.

Fair warning: this was previously a Nudist beach It remains informal even today, so you might find a swimmer or two baring it all.

Washaway Beach So mysterious and hidden, that there is no official website to get more information about it. But you can learn more about the iconography Spit on manly walk here.

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